Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My First Lipstick: Rimmel London's Airy Fairy.

Hello loves! 

Do you remember that one piece of makeup you bought and just fell in love with? For me it was Rimmel London”s Airy Fairy. I remember trying to decide which Rimmel Lipstick I wanted to have and  my mom help me decide. If my memory serves me correctly I was going out for a huge dinner with friends and wanted a nice nude lipstick and Airy Fairy was the winner. 

I still have that tube of Airy Fairy believe it or not, I probably should get rid of it seeing it is a few years old. I have bought a new tube of it, after looking high and low for it. 

Seriously its the hardest lipstick to find.Of course I could find it online, but who wants to pay for shipping for one stinkin’ lipstick?  I finally found it at Walgreens in a permanent display, where as places like Rite Aid and Walmart had gotten rid of any traces of it. 

If you are just starting out in experimenting with makeup, or trying to just find some classic lipstick shades for your kit, then Airy Fairy is one you should buy. Its affordable and beautiful. 

I would describe the color as a pinky/mauve nude with shimmer, but its definitely heavier on the pinky/mauve then nude, and the shimmer isn’t noticeable on the lips. It just helps gives it that sheen on your lips. 

The consistency is creamy and smooth, and a swipe or two across the lips gives you a nice coverage. Wear time is like all normal lipsticks, where if your eating and drinking throughout the day its more than likely you’ll need to reapply after a few hours. I have always found it comfortable on my lips and never drying. 

For a lipstick that runs anywhere from $4.97 on Walmart's website, to where I got mine at Walgreens at $5.79, its definitely one my wallet won’t cry over me buying when I need a new one! 

I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you all soon! 

<3 Nicole