Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Covergirl and Katy Perry: Katy Kat Matte Lipstick Swatches.

Nothing to disclose, purchased by me.

Well hello there! Its been a little bit since my last post! I hope you all are well! I've just been busy working tons of hours since we are once again short staffed at work and who knows when my boss will actually decide to hire someone.

But today I am back with a look at some new lippies that have hit the drugstore. I have two of the new Covergirl and Katy Perry Matte lipsticks to show you!

I found mine at Rite aid and they were buy one get one half off! I did some research on these lipsticks and there are 11 shades total in the collection, the display at my Rite Aid was quite small, and only had about four or five shades on it. Pretty much all nudes, and berry colors. When I looked at Covergirl's website I saw that there are quite a few nude to berry tones in the collection with some bright pinks, an orange shade and even a charcoal almost black shade!

I hope that either my Rite Aid gets a more permanent display or I find the whole collection somewhere else.

So lets get into the two shade I have for you!

Reading on Covergirl's website, these are not completely matte lipsticks, Covergirl describes them as being a demi-matte lipstick, which is definitely true to one of shades I purchased.

I quite like the packaging on these and how easily identifiable these lipsticks are!. The outer tube itself feels like it has a rubberized coating on the plastic  which feels nice in the hand. The bright white color also draws the eye right in and will also make it really easy to find these in my makeup collection. 

Its great you can see a preview of what the color is on the bottom of the lipstick, even though I know Covergirl does this to all their lipsticks. Even if the packaging wasn't a bright color it would still make these easy to find.

They also put little cat ears over the names on each lipstick which is really cute and once again I will easily be able to find them and identify what collection they are from! 

Time for swatches! 

My camera did make the colors a bit darker than they are in real life so I did add some more light to the photos to get it to the right color.

Lately I've been on the hunt for that perfect matte nude color, most of my lip collection is nudes in some form or another but Sphynx is the nude lip I've been looking for, where its my lip color but better. I know i have said that about other nude lipsticks in the past but this one quickly became my top favorite as soon as I put it on. 

 Catoure is like if I bit down on my lips for hours to make them look more flushed. it is slightly darker than what the little color block on the tube shows, but I love dark lip colors anyway. Its a nice color thats not too dark to wear during the summer.  

I haven't had a chance to wear Catoure out yet, but I have worn Sphynx quite a bit. Sphynx feels nice on the lips, its smooth and creamy and in just a couple of swipes I have full coverage. Also like it says on Covergirl's Website it did not dry out my lips at all! On a day where I wear it to work I can usually get a good four to five hour wear time in between munching on snacks and drinking my water all day. When I wore it out on Saturday I got a pretty good almost all day wear on it since my mom and I were busy shopping and I wasn't really eating or drinking anything. 

Overall I really love these lipsticks, and after seeing some swatches of the other colors I most likely will invest in more next paycheck! 

I hope you guys have an awesome day! I'll talk to you soon! 
<3 Nicole