Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Slow and steady wins the race. March Fitness Update.

Good morning!!

Do you have snow on the ground? I do, and I hate it. Four days ago it was 77 degrees and I could leave the house without a jacket. It was glorious. Ah well, I'm hopeful the warm weather will eventually make its way to the northeast. However the weather is not why we're here today.

Today I bring you March's Fitness Update.

 I finally starting settling into my workout routine. Some people workout everyday, or five days a week, and that is totally awesome, kudos to those people. For me with the way my work schedule falls working out every other day seemed to work. For the majority of my workouts, I was doing them in the evening after I would get home from work. Once or twice a week, ( besides days off) I wouldn't have to be in until 5 and I could workout in the morning. I prefer working out in the morning though, I get it out of the way and it sets me up with lots of energy during the day!

But since I work a mostly 9 to 5, sometimes a little later job, I don't really like the idea of getting up at the butt crack of dawn to get in a workout, and shower before I have to leave the house at 8:30.

One thing I have found that I love during March was making custom playlist through my YouTube account, so if one day I want to do an all over workout: I have a playlist for that. If I just want to work on abs and thighs, which is what I am focusing on right now: I have a playlist for that. Its awesome!

In my introduction post I mentioned that I wasn't loosing pounds, which I know now is because I'm not focusing on my diet very much. I think probably diet and food will be more of topic in April. Although I have lost inches and I was informed by my co-workers and family  that I was building muscle and toning, (which I already knew).

 But I will say I have lost about 10 inches all over my body since January!

Which is awesome! I have dropped down a shirt size, but haven't checked to see if I have dropped a pant size yet, but I do have to keep pulling my pants up all the time!! I don't want to buy any new clothes just yet, because if I am going to keep loosing weight I don't want to spend money on clothing I'm only going to wear once.

Overall March was not very big on changes for me, but as the title says slow and steady wins the race.

I am also sorry this update didn't have any photos and is kind of short, but there wasn't a lot to report on. Hopefully the coming months there will be.

Talk to you all soon! <3 Nicole