Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab!

Nothing to Disclose

Good morning love bugs!!!

Let me ask you a couple questions. Do you have dry cuticles? Are they hard to manage? I do! Back when all I used to post about is polish, I know for a fact swatching multiple polishes can wreak havoc on ones cuticles. Acetone is drying and not good to have on your skin or nails for long periods of time. Over the years I have tried multiple cuticle creams and oils to help keep my cuticles at bay and while some worked okay, this one is by far my favorite.

Whats even worse is when you neglect your nails and don't paint them or take care of them. Hi I'm Nicole, guilty party of one here.

I don't paint my nails much anymore, which is sad because I can remember a time I painted my nails once to even twice a day!

 I should probably stop this post right now and paint my nails...

But before I do I want to share with you guys a product I found from Sally Hansen that has helped me moisturize my dry cuticles and keep my nails, with or without polish, looking good.

Let me introduce you to Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab.

If my memory serves me correctly, since I've had this cuticle oil for a little while now, I got it at Walmart and its was somewhere around the $7 mark.

It says on the packaging that its a cuticle oil, but its in a gel form. I'm glad its a gel cuticle oil, so that way if I accidentally squeeze out too much it doesn't go all over the place. When you take the cap off it has a brush applicator so all you have to do is squeeze the tube and you can brush it on easily. I find that it works well so I can spread the oil all over the before I rub it in.

This stuff does have a scent to it but its not strong at all. I can't pinpoint what it smells like though, it smells to me like a standard cuticle oil, so if your not big on scents then you won't have a problem with this.

Anytime that I have applied this product, which is pretty much ever I do my nails, and once in a blue moon when I see my cuticles looking rough, I have seen an immediate result. It soaks in to both my nails and cuticles quickly and softens them so I can push back my cuticles. I have had other products in the past that did not work as quick or as well as this has.

Overall I think Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab is pretty awesome, my number one love about this product is how fast it works as I mentioned above. If you have hard to manage cuticles, whatever the case may be I would give this product a shot!

Have a great day and I'll talk to you next time!