Friday, February 26, 2016

Welcome to my Fitness Journey!

Hey guys! Long time no blog, I know. I know. How is your 2016 going? For myself I have to say so far that mine is going fairly well. Much better than years past I will tell you that. Even though I haven't been writing out blog post I have been taking lots of photos and trying out product so I can review them properly for you! 

Today though, I am introducing you guys to a new (hope to be) series on the blog. 

Over the years I realized I’ve come to not only love nail polish, and makeup, but also fashion and life style things. So here is a little bit of lifestyle! Today’s post is going to be about fitness, well my the beginning of my fitness journey anyway.

One of my top goals for this year is to get healthy. I briefly mentioned it my Year In Review, if you want to read all about 2015 feel free to click the link. Since my teenage years I’ve been in the overweight/plus size category and have tried every which way to loose weight. Whether it was by dieting, (which never worked), or joining the gym on and off since I was 15. Honestly going to he gym makes me feel self conscious, I always felt like everyone stares at you and silently judges. Its definitely not the scene for me. 

I think my failures also had a lot to do with the fact I wasn’t putting my health as a priority. WHICH IS NOT A GOOD IDEA BY THE WAY!  I used to make it a priority that my family, and friends came first, I’ve always said I’m a people pleaser, if others are happy then I’m doing my job. 

But I since realized that I had to start taking care of me, which most people agreed, some didn’t. But if I’m not good health, how can I help others?

In July of last year I started working out and (sort of )  watching what I was eating. I got inspired when I saw Anna Saccone ( from the SacconeJolys) talk about how she hired a personal trainer to help her meet  her fitness goals. Anna put out a video with her trainer Lucy Wyndham Read and I fell in love with it. It was simple, and I could do it in the privacy of my own home whenever I wanted. 

So of course the next thing I did was buy some brightly colored workout clothes. I feel it makes me want to workout more if I have cute clothes to do it in.

I love picking out workout gear that has motivation sayings on them
even if they are kind of cheesy sometimes.

I then started doing the one video when I had a spare moment. I had yet to check out Lucy's YouTube channel and see all the awesome videos she posts! l I’m not gonna lie there were maybe one or two weeks that went by where I didn’t workout at all because I was lazy about it. I could name all the excuses, I was too tired, its too hot outside, I worked late, etc. However when I did finally do a workout I felt amazing!

If you are looking for new at home workouts to do then you should definitly checkout Lucy's Channel! I should go into what kind of workouts Lucy does, she does what is called a H-I-I-T workout or High-Intensity-Interval-Training Workouts. You may or may not have heard of them. In most of Lucy's videos she shows you a HIIT move then a toning move. Basically HIIT workouts get your heart rate up to burn calories,then brings it down a little to tone, then right back up again to burning calories. I hope I explained that right. I have never sweat so much after a workout in my life!

Heres a pretty sweaty selfie from after a workout last summer.

 But like any beginner you can’t push yourself too hard, your body has limits and if your not used to working out, you could injure yourself. At first I only did as much as my body could,I modified the workout to suit my range of motion and so on.  Now seven months later my stamina and range of motion have increased greatly and now I am doing four separate workouts in one shot!

Heres a link to Lucys Youtube Channel so you can check out her videos for yourself!

My current routine goes as so: 

1.Warm up routine

2. 4 minute thigh routine

3. Love HIIT Workout.

4: 180 Ab rep workout. 

In total its just shy of a half an hour. Sometimes I change up the videos so I don’t get bored or repetitive. Lucy has so many videos to choose from you could do a new work out routine every day! 

Over the last seven months I have definitely seen a change in my body. I haven’t lost as much weight as I would like to, but I’ve noticed I’m toning up my body which is nice. What I have to work on now is my diet. Cutting out sugar, and crap foods is hard, but I don’t want to cut them out completely I’m trying to find a balance. 

I know this is all going to take time and is not going to happen overnight. I’m not looking for that; “I dropped 100 pounds in a year”, I want to do this my way, and at my own pace. 

I plan on doing monthly updates to hold myself more accountable. If anyone out there has any tips or advice, please leave a comment below!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a even more magnificent weekend!