Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: City Color Cosmetics: Be Matte Blush.

Nothing to Disclose

Good morning guys and gals! I'M BACK!!! How is everyone recovering from the holidays? I can absolutely say that this Christmas and New Years was the best ones yet of my adulthood. It was filled with spending so much time with family and friends, it was glorious. I even reconnected with family that I hadn't seen in over a decade.

However, rambling about my Christmas and New Years holiday is not what this post is about. I'm here to give you my review of two blushes that are amongst my favorite in my makeup collection.

I'm sure some of you have heard of City Color Cosmetics, if you haven't you should check their website, HERE !

I have found most of their products at my local Five Below, but if you visit their website you can see everything.

Today I'm going to show you two blushes I picked up from their Be Matte Blush line. I will confess that I purchased these two sometime during the fall and have been using them ever since, but on my last visit to Five Below they were still available and they also had more colors from the line.

These blushes are a nice size, they are almost the size of my palm. The two colors that I purchased were Blackberry (on the left) and Fresh Melon (on the right).

The texture on these are smooth and soft, although Blackberry was slightly more silkier feeling. One circle with your finger will give you quite the color pay off.  Lets take a look at swatches!

In both photos Fresh Melon is on top and Blackberry is on the bottom. As you can see they look different in whatever light your in. In the sun both blushes look like normal pink blushes but one is just darker than the other. In the shade however  this is where Blackberry shines, you can see the beautiful purple color that shines through making this a unique blush for my collection. Fresh Melon takes on a  more neon pink appearance.

One tip I do have is for the application of Blackberry, while both have great pigmentation, do not have a heavy hand with Blackberry, the first time I put it on I barely swirled my brush in it and I looked like a clown.

If I can recall, I paid I believe $3 for each blush. I know sometimes Five Below runs deals on the makeup they carry so look out for that. On the City Color Cosmetics Website the Be Matte Blushes are $4.99 and they always offer free shipping on orders $25 and over!

Overall for the price, size and the way these blushes perform I am over the moon for them! They currently hold a place in special drawer on my vanity where only my frequently used blushes reside!

Have you tried any products from City Color Cosmetics? If so let me know and if you have any recommendations for anything let me know in a comment below!!!