Thursday, July 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Memories from May and June.

Hi lovelies!

Today I thought I would do something completely new. As much as this is a beauty blog I also want to start injecting it with a bit of lifestyle and maybe some fashion in the future. By no means am I an expert on either but I thought it would give My Nails. My Polish a little variety.

So today I'm using Throwback Thursday to share with you some of my favorite photos from May and June, sine it now July 2nd and its the day before my birthday!!!

So lets start with some moments from May!

So in May I got my first hair cut in over two years! That was a scary moment, all I ever wanted was to grow out my hair and then when I did, I got sick of it. I mean it did need a cut because the ends were fried but now I get to start out growing it all over again and this time it will be all one length!

I got my first gel manicure, that was an experience. For someone who painted her nails three times a week back in the day this was a rare treat to go to the salon. I'm so used to taking care of my own nails that it was weird for me. I enjoyed it though. During the worst of my depression I didn't wear any nail polish, I just let my nails go naked and they suffered for it. But now they are much healthier and I have taken back over my own manicures.

I also got to experience some amazing time with friends during May. The bottom photo in the collage is a bridge that connects the county I live in with the next one over the Hudson River. My best friend and I were at the park that sits on the river hanging out and enjoying the first very hot days of the so far non existent summer.

Finally the sunset photo is of my drive home from a wonderful Mothers Day BBQ, It was so nice to get to spend a day with friends and family I hadn't seen since almost Christmas! I can't wait to go back on Saturday for the Fourth Of July BBQ!

Next is June. June was a pretty cool month. Even though I didn't get to spend much of it with friends it was nice to spend time with my mom, who I don't get to see often since we work somewhat opposite schedules. The top left photo is a selfie of my mom and I going to see Jurassic World. It was the first time mom and I had been to the movies in forever. She loved it, I loved it and then I took my dad to see Jurassic World that next week, So I got to see the beautifullness that is Chris Pratt twice!

The bottom three photos are of some of the AMAZING food I got to eat during the month. I know, I know people don't like seeing food shots on Instagram but if I think it looks Instagram worthy and tastes Instagram worthy then I'm going to post it to my account! I am very lucky at my job that we get to order out for lunch a few times a week, and when we do the specials certainly deliver. I think my absolute favorite photo there is the middle bottom. That one is called a Thanksgiving Panini. It has turkey, stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce all on one sandwich. I'll have to remember this for next Thanksgiving.

The last photo of the rainbow was taken after some severe storms that moved through while I was visiting friends at my old job. I thought when I took that photo that even though some days are rougher than others, there is always something good in everyday. I do truly believe in that and try to find the more positive things nowadays then harping on what went wrong.

So that's it for my Throwback Thursday of life memories. Maybe I'll make this a thing and show you photos from way back when!

I hope you enjoyed and leave a comment here or hit me up on social media sharing some of your favorite memories from the past months or so!

<3 Nicole