Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review: Not Your Mothers Way To Grow Long And Strong Shampoo and Conditioner

Purchased by me.

Hi lovelies! So this post is a day late... but better late than never right?

Today I bring you the first in a series of reviews of one of, if not my favorite hair care lines!

The brand is called Not Your Mothers, cool name right? Well they have even cooler products. I discovered them last summer when I was perusing the hair care isle at Walmart. Where else would I be perusing right?  I was looking for a product that would help me maintain my hair that I was trying to grow out at the time, and Not Your Mothers caught my eye.

As I stood in the isle reading the packaging as I do with many things I was intrigued to see that the shampoo and conditioner help stimulate hair growth. However they clearly state it does not make new hair growth. So if that's what your looking for then this product is not for you.

I decided to give it a chance and at $4.74 each I couldn't say no, your talking to a girl who religiously bought Brilliant Brunette  at $8 a pop for a time, while in college.

I fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner right from the start. No, I didn't see any hair growth right away, but it made my hair unbelievably soft and shiny. Not to mention the scent is really nice and lingers for days after!

When I first used the shampoo, I thought I did something wrong to my hair. The directions say to massage into a later for 2-3 minutes. For those that didn't know massaging your scalp is a good way to stimulate your hair follicles (with or with out using this shampoo and conditioner), and that helps  grow your hair. After rinsing out the shampoo my hair felt uber clean, like slicked to my head, can't run my fingers through it clean. But I put on the conditioner and after again massaging my head for 2-3 minutes I rinsed again and my hair felt back to normal like nothing ever happened.

A little does go a long way with the shampoo but I did use a little more of the conditioner, but I've always done that since I can remember. You might not have to use as much as me.

 This hair washing duo is sulfate free, helps strengthens your hair and has an anti breakage formula. NYM also promotes that their shampoos and conditioners are for all hair types too, which is really awesome.

As for hair growth, it took about a month or so for me to start noticing that my hair had grown out some. I was using this set every time I washed my hair which is about 2-3 times a week since I have semi-oily hair. After the 6 month mark.. which time wise was December I noticed my hair had grown from slightly past my shoulders to the middle of my chest or 3/4 of my back from the nape of my neck. Now I do have the type of hair that grows fast but not THAT fast.

Here is a time line of my hair growth for you for comparison.

This was April of 2014 way before I even found not your mothers. As you can see my hair is just past my shoulders a couple of inches. Also at this point I hadn't had a hair cut in almost a year. 

This was September of 2014. Vacation in Florida... I miss Florida so much.  I had been using the Way To Grow for about two months here. I consider this my best selfie ever BTW. Even here the ends of my hair don't fit in the frame.

And this last photo is from April of this year. As you can see my hair doesn't even fit in the frame of the photo anymore. About a month later I cut it off because I noticed the ends needed a cut. This was the final product of not cutting my hair for two years. 

Overall I really love this shampoo and conditioner! I have never had a shampoo and conditioner that made my hair feel as awesome as this one did and I usually have to change it up because my hair gets "used to" what ever I'm using at the time. Not Your Mothers really has something here.

If you want to get your hands on any Not Your Mothers products or just this hair care pair, you can find them at your local drugstore or Wal-Mart, or they are even online as well! Just remember prices can vary depending on where you live!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this post and I will see you on Thursday!
<3 Nicole