Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvets!

Purchased by me.

Good Tuesday morning lovelies! Have you all had your coffee yet? As you read this I am currently at work, most likely dealing with people and or sitting at a computer working on some training that I am trying to complete.

Today I bring you swatches and a quick review of the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvets! That is a very long name for a product if I do say so myself.

These lippies came out I believe last fall, which puts me way behind on the game of reviewing them, but I just saw a Youtuber I follow recently review these and so I thought if she can do one so can I!

I am a huge fan of matte lip products. I don't do lip gloss much and sometimes a glossy lip just doesn't look good on me. A couple of years ago I fell in love with wearing a matte red lip pretty much all the time. I haven't worn one in a while, I should probably get on that! So it was no idea that I wasn't going to be picking these up when they came over from the UK.

I snagged two colors, Meteoric Matte and Burning Lava. I do want to pick up Atomic Rose, which is a lovely pink nude color.

Meteoric Matte is my favorite amongst the two I own. Dark, blue toned red/berry colors are my favorite next to a good nude color. Burning Lava, while not my favorite is a close second, it comes very close to duping my all time favorite matte red lip color; Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout. God forbid they ever get rid of that color.

The formula on these are smooth, and feel nice when applied on the lips. They are not streaky at all because obviously they're super pigmented. They look slightly glossy when first applying them but they soon dry matte.

I do like the doe-foot applicator that is on these, just like the original Show Off Lip Lacquers they have a small, I like to call a 'well' that holds some of the product but not too much, you can get a pretty precise application with these which we all know for dark colors or any lip color is a must!

There are two things that I don't like about the Lip Velvets. The first is the fact that they are not long wearing. I know we can't have everything we want in a lip product but if these had the staying power that the Provaclips have or even the Colorburst Matte Balms have then I would wear these way more often.

The second is that they are slightly drying on the lips, but hey most mattes are. Its not a huge deal for me but I know for some if might be.

If you haven't tried these Lip Velvets yet I suggest you try at least one. They will retail for different prices depending on where you live, I saw them at my local Wal-Mart for $5.47 and for $5.99 at Walgreen's. If you can get them in a sale of course that would be even better. Overall I am love with these lippes, even though I don't reach for them as often as I should they are a nice change up once in a while.

That's it for today's post, I will see you guys on Thursday! If you have tried these or have a favorite lip product you think I should  try leave it in the comments below or hit me up on social media! Links are at the top of the page!
<3 Nicole

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