Saturday, July 19, 2014

60 days until vacation, 60 days until a happier healthier me.

Hello lovelies!

So this post is going to be something different and I hope you all will support me on this as well. If you haven't been able to see by the title of this post I am challenging myself and starting a journey I hope will last longer than 60 days.

Back on July 16th it was officially 60 days until I am to go on vacation to Florida to visit with family. I have decided that as much as I am comfortable in my skin, I could feel even more comfortable and be a little bit more happier than I already am. For the last week or so I have been a lot happier than i ever have been and I honestly don't know where it came from.

All of my life I have been a little bit bigger than all the other kids and in high school I was at my heaviest. Up until I met my best friend ever Stephanie, I was uncomfortable in my skin, I hated the way I looked but I never had the motivation to change it because I never had the support I needed. Stephanie was the first person to truly accept me as I am and befriend me and she didn't care what I looked like. Ever since then I have made many friends who don't care what I look like and accept me for me and its great. Its like all it took was one person.

But still I sometimes feel uncomfortable in my skin and want to change, and I have tried everything from counting calories, asking my mom for help, which then just turns into a fight and she gives up on me. My dad is sadly no help he's just critical. He has said to me on more than one occasion that if I lost a few pounds I could get a boyfriend or attract someone. He made me feel unpretty and like I should be ashamed of myself. I know that that is not the case at all, I am a beautiful women who doesn't need a man to make her feel that way.

So I am left with myself and my friends whom I know will be there for me. Over the next 60 days I plan to hold myself accountable for my actions. I plan on still eating what I want but just less of it. My doctor has told me on more than one occasion, if you eat three slices of pizza, just eat two, its the little things that will help you change over all. That is some good advice if you ask me. I just never followed it.

So as your reading this obnoxiously long blog post your probably saying, "Okay Nicole you've explained, made excuses, what are you going to do about it and what goals have you set?".

Well I plan on exercising more, I can't afford a gym membership so I have a Extreme weight loss DVD to help me. That TV show is actually also a reason I am doing this. Recently on Tuesdays my mom and I have been watching the show and I see myself in the people trying to transform themselves. If I could do it on that show, I would in a heart beat. So Chris Powell if you ever see this blog post, (all though I know you won't) I would do Extreme weight loss in heart beat if it meant I would better myself and become a happier healthier me.

My goal from this is obviously to loose some weight. I'm not going to put my weight here I'm not that confident yet. But i will let you all know how much I loose if any. I also want this journey to be about me being happier, taking care of me, doing what I need to do to make myself better.

So if you support me on this I thank you, if you came here expecting a beauty post, come back on Monday.

Ill talk to you all soon <3 Nicole