Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sephora Event Entry Palette

Good Morning my fellow beauty lovers!!! Spring has finally made its way to New York! It was 60 degrees yesterday and about the same today! It feels so good not to have to wear a heavy jacket outside!

Today I have to show you a palette I got in my Sephora order I placed at the beginning of March. When browsing Sephora one can definitely say that sometimes Sephora suggest products and you wind up getting suckered into buying them. Honestly thought this palette was well worth the...wait for it.. FIVE DOLLARS I paid for it!

This is the Sephora Event Entry Palette. Its cute and sleek, oh and did I mention glittery??? I would show you the outside but its kind of got some make up on it from me using this so much. Originally this palette was $11 but when I got it, it was on clearance for $5.

You get eight eye shadows and these eight shadows can create a great neutral look or a smokey with the use of only a couple of shadows.

These shadows don't have names so from top to bottom in the photo above we have a satin cream shade that's great for a highlight, next is a shimmery peachy nude, (I love pairing that shade with one of my Maybelline Nude Color Tattoos), Next is a shimmery medium brown and the last is a matte dark brown. I love using the browns in my crease and outer corner to create a work appropriate smokey eye.

In the second row of shadows we have a shimmery silver, next is a slate color and then you have two blacks, one that is shimmery and one that is matte. I have used the matte black as a liner but I haven't yet created a look with this row of shadows.

These shadows are super blendable even if they are a bit powdery without primer. Using a primer or a cream base really helps the color pop out and stay put for a long time. Without the primer sadly these shadows do not last long on my oily lids.

I can see myself using the palette a lot when I go on vacation or travel. Its about the size of my palm and can be tucked easily into a small makeup bag or purse. It also has a magnetic closure so it stays shut. The only thing I wish maybe Sephora had put into this palette was a small mirror.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look at the Sephora Event Entry Palette. At the time of this post the Event Entry Palette is not in stock and I don't know if they will ever re-release it. But who knows they may always come out with something better!

I'll see you all next time! <3 Nicole