Thursday, March 13, 2014

TRESemme` Nourishing Rituals Cashmere Touch Hydrating Serum

Wow that title is a mouthful! Good morning lovelies! Today's post is about a hair product I have been using for the last few months.

Lets start this post by talking about my hair type, the way my hair acts totally depends on the season. In the winter and late fall into early spring its dry and static-y. It is also easiest to style at this time of year, I can leave it down and not sweat to death. And obviously during the summer time my hair can get oily really fast especially if its in the 90s and humid. I still don't know how my cousin Jamie in Florida manages to leave her hair down and straight during the summers their!

I decided to invest in a hydrating serum after seeing one of my favorite blogger/Youtuber, Louise or Sprinkle Of Glitter as she is know on YouTube talk about one in a favorite video. However Louise lives in the magical land of England ( a place that is on my bucket list to go) and they have different versions of products then we do here in the U.S.

The name of the product she used was a TRESemme` argon oil glossing spray, ( the name was much longer and I couldn't remember it all lol!) and she featured it in her October beauty favorites. Of course since we never have the same type of products I found the closest thing that pretty much does the same thing except this is not a spray.

Usually using serums or oils in my hair make my hair even more oily or get dirty more quickly. This stuff however doesn't do that!

Straight from the bottle itself TRESemme` says that it will " dramatically restore softness to dry and brittle hair by delivering intense conditioning with coconut and argon oils."

I cannot express how much I love this stuff for my hair this past winter! With all the cold weather we have been having the ends of my hair the longer it gets the ends get dryer. TRESemme` recommends 3-4 pumps and to work it through damp or dry hair. I mainly use this after a shower and my hair is towel dry, my hair just styles better than when I use it on already dry hair. Either way I can see a noticeable difference in my hair when using this, its softer and more shiny, and overall looks healthier

Another plus of this serum is that is smells absolutely wonderful! I can't put an exact scent to it, but just know it smells amazing and makes your hair smell amazing too!

If you want to pick up this product I got mine from Walmart for about $5.99 (don't quote me on the price) but it definitely wasn't expensive!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Have you ever used a hydrating serum before?

<3 Nicole