Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nicole By OPI: Carnival Cotton Candy. The Carrie Underwood Collection.

Hello lovelies! Its the middle of the week, I cannot wait to get today over, as you are reading this I will be at work, fun fun.

Today I bring you a swatch of one of the Nicole By OPI Carrie Underwood Polishes. I have only seen this collection at my local Walmart and they only have five of the colors which makes me sad.

Today I bring you Carnival Cotton Candy! I adore this polish so much! It is just the perfect girly pink creme. I wore this on my first day back at school this past spring semester but did a crappy job of applying so I never took photos.

Can I get a thumbs up for the awkward hand pose? As you can see this is a lovely medium pink creme polish, its opaque in two-three coats. I believe I used two here.  The application was smooth, the first coat as with most cremes was streaky but evened out quite nicely, and adding a top coat just fixes any other uneven imperfections that I couldn't fix myself.

This polish makes me think of anything and everything Barbie. I think the name is fitting too, whats the one thing we always go for at carnivals as kids? The cotton candy of course although the color of real pink cotton candy is a lot lighter. I'm not complaining though!

This is a color I can see myself wearing this spring into the summer, especially for a pedicure, which I realized I most definitely need to get one before flip flop weather becomes official.

I'll talk to you guys soon! Just remember theres only a day or so keeping us from the weekend!
<3 Nicole