Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentines inspired polish options!

Good Morning guys!! Guess what? Its snowing...AGAIN!! I swear we loose the snow then it comes back ten fold.

Did you know that Valentines Day is only 9 days away? I don't particularly like Valentines day, I just never have, maybe its because I haven't had a proper valentine, but you know, I am my own darn valentine! Plus who can pass up 75% off candy the next day?

But what I don't mind is  sporting a Valentines day manicure on the day. So in case you needed to know of some polishes that were V-day inspired, or just looking for new color to wear, or even in need of some inspiration, I have complied some options.

Lets take a look!!

The first polish I have to show you is OPI Charged Up Cherry, its a bright pink/fuchsia polish that isn't that sickly sweet light pink everyone associates with Valentines Day, its kind of on the darker spectrum.

Next up we have my absolute favorite red polish of all time, China Glaze Cranberry Splash. I know this came out in a Christmas Collection but it does scream love and romance to me! 

How about a polish that's name is as sweet as the polish looks, here is Queen Cupcake from Funky Fingers. I don't believe that you can get this polish anymore, but I would say use it as inspiration to find a color just like maybe?

If you want a polish that is the big 3 free and from a company that is pretty awesome, check out Zoya's Flora!

In this photo from 2012 I have it paired with a glitter that is also great for Valentines Day! Its called You Glitter Be Good To Me, from OPI! If you don't have this glitter or can't get to then OPI's Excuse Moi from the Muppet's Collection is another pink glitter that is awesome.

Here is another winner from OPI; Love is a Racket from the Serena Williams Collection.

Here I used it in a french manicure design from two years ago. Its a amazingly beautiful glass fleck polish. You can't tell here which is also when you can tell that my camera sucked. Anyhow this makes me want to wear it for this Valentines Day... We'll see! I also love the little white hearts I stamped on! (That was one of my first attempts at stamping ever!)

Lastly we have one last red polish. This one you know from one of my recent post. Its Wet 'n' Wild's Heatwave.

Now that we have normal polish choices covered, I also chose two texture polishes that are very much appropriate for the big love holiday!

From the Julie G. Frosted Gumdrop Collection we have Hot Cinnamon and Crushed Candy!

These will add just a bit more sparkle to your holiday! Plus the names I think are just adorable for this time of the year!!

Wow! That was a mouthful! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe it did give you some inspiration for colors or polishes to use if you own them! I will talk to you all soon!
<3 Nicole