Sunday, January 26, 2014

Orly: Angel Eyes and a huge thank you!

Good Sunday morning guys!! I hope your weekend is going awesome! I had Saturday off but spent it bundled up indoors doing homework and watching the new Vampire Diaries episode, due to the small snow storm we got. I just can't believe how cold it is!!  Tonight I'll be going to work and trying to get done in time to see the new Sherlock episode!

Today I have a polish that is full of glittery goodness. I just hope my camera did it justice.

When I posted about Orly's Miss Conduct I said it came with a sister polish from the same collection in a duo pack, well here is that polish its called Angel Eyes.

This polish is a bright kind of sky blue jelly base. I say sky blue because it does look like the color of the sky on those summer mornings where its bright blue sky and no clouds in sight.

This blue polish is chock full of holographic glitter, who doesn't love that ?

I tried my best to pick up the glittery sparkle, but nothing would work. You can see the sparkle in the bottle thought.

The formula is like a normal glitter polish, it doesn't cover in one swipe, I did about three coats to get it opaque but I still felt like I had a bald spot or two only because I don't think I gave it enough time to dry in between coats.

I did notice that the more coats you add the thicker it looks on the nail.

I did add top coat to smooth everything out. I'm not usually one for blue polishes often because I'm afraid they will stain my nails, however I didn't see any immediate staining with this polish. And don't forget when you wear a glitter polish to use the tin foil method for removal. If you don't know what that is, I will try to do a post on it!

Orly is available I have found at Sally's Beauty Supply, TJMaxx ( where I got my duo set from), I've seen them at marshals and even CVS!

Okay so on to something that happened over this weekend. Saturday afternoon coming home from the a run to the store my email for the blog went off, so I checked it and saw that there were new likes to the My Nails. My Polish Facebook Page! And when I say a few I mean like over 100 new likes!! It took me by surprise because the last time I checked it which had been last week it was still at 46 likes, so to jump from 46 to at the time of this post 157 is crazy!!!

So I want to say a huge thank you to anyone who clicked the like button it means so much. I also want to give a shoutout to Adrianna of Mories Nail Art Blog because she was the one who made it possible. She shared my Facebook page. I love Adri she is seriously my best friend in this polish community and if you don't know her blog linked above you should!

So that it for today! I will talk to you guys soon!
<3 Nicole.