Thursday, January 9, 2014

Joe Fresh: Sour Citron.

Happy Thursday lovelies!! Only one more day until the weekend!!

Today I have another amazing Joe Fresh polish to share with you. I am all about bright colors, my sunglasses case is a bright neon pink holographic, my purse is bright mint green, and I always look for the bright colors when I buy nail polish.

Back when I first started this blog I thought that I would never wear the bright neon color because well back then frankly I didn't like them. *GASP* I know how stupid of me right? As time went on I grew to love the bright colors and now can't wait to rock them when I get them.

Sour Citron is the name of this polish and I tell you right now this polish reminds me of the bright sour gum balls you get from those 25 cent machines at the grocery store. Sour Citron is a bright almost neon but not quite chartreuse yellow green.

I used three coats of polish to get it even and opaque. It doesn't dry matte so its not a real neon, but it sure is bright. The formula is about the same as on the previous Joe Fresh polish I reviewed. Its pretty awesome!

I think that Sour Citron would be a great base for some stamping particularly with a black polish, especially the flip flip stamp from Bundle Monster.

I did take one photo with a flash to see if that changed the look of the polish and well here is the result.

The flash from the camera makes it look more like a dirty green apple. I say that because I have an Orly polish that is a green apple color and I wore it to work one day and a customer thought I was sick.

All in all I like this polish a lot and plan on doing a stamping manicure with in the future, maybe to usher in the warm weather when it decides to make an appearance around here. Seriously mother nature has no idea what season it is, one minute is 9 degrees outside and then on Saturday its supposed to by 45??

Anyway thats it for today! Talk to you on Friday!
<3 Nicole