Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Joe Fresh: Mojito Mix!

Good afternoon lovelies!! 

Today's post is going to be yet another polish that I received from my amazing friend Lindsay of Polish and Diamonds! 

Have any of you ever heard of the brand Joe Fresh? It is a brand that is pretty much only sold in Canada. At the time or writing this post I googled 'Joe Fresh Nail Polish' and didn't come with anything but reviews for it on Make up Alley. I then headed to Amazon and EBay and found a couple of them there but that was about it. So I am very grateful for Lindsay for sending me the three that she did. The other two will be featured on here soon! 

The polish is called Mojito Mix, it is a mint green polish with a creme finish. I would say that its a dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple, which is one of my favorite shades! However I like the Joe Fresh formula better. The Essie version is a bit thin and a little hard to control on the nail where as the Joe Fresh formula is thicker and much easier to control. 

There was only one problem with this polish and it made me sad. But I don't blame anyone for it because you don't know it happened until you go to use the polish. 

Yup I got a wonky brush. Its not like the bristles on the brush got bent or something, the stem of the brush is actually cracked up the side and that's why the bristles stick out. 

However this did not deter me from enjoying and using this polish. Here's the results. 

I used two coats for opacity. The only time I had to do a lot of clean up was if the wonky bristles hit the sides of my nails or my cuticles. I love the bottles on the Joe Fresh polishes there so little and fit right in the palm of my hand. I think if I had to travel with polish I would choose  Joe Fresh because of its size!

I don't necessarily get the 'Mojito Mix' vibe from this polish but I do understand why they named it that, a mojito is made with liquor and crushed mint leaves. Nonetheless I love me a minty green polish and this one is just as awesome! 

I'll see you guys on Wednesday!! 
<3 Nicole