Monday, January 13, 2014

A Fantastic Find from Five Below!

Hi lovelies!! I hope your Monday afternoon is going well. Its cold and windy here in New York, but at least its not bitterly cold.

I also ordered a couple text books for school today, I cannot believe school starts in a week as of tomorrow! This vacation has gone way too quickly!

Today's polish is a fun one! Back over the fall I took a trip to Five Below. If you haven't been to a Five Below or never heard of it,  it is a store that sells all kinds of products from beauty products to phone cases and even clothing! Plus everything is $5 or less!

In the beauty section a lot of the time Five Below has a deal on nail polish where you get three polishes for $5! Not a bad deal at all!

Only one polish caught my eye, and it is called Jawbreaker! It is a white milky crelly polish that is chalk full of different colored glitter!

This polish reminds me a lot of KB Shimmer 'Oh Splat'. I don't own that amazing polish however but one day I plan to own lots of indie polishes. I just need to get my tax refund first!

There is quite a lot of violet and blue glitter in this polish and occasionally you get bright red hex  glitter like on my ring finger and a bright yellow hex glitter that is also on my ring finger.

From looking at the bottle you can see all the colors of glitter mixed in. There is even teal in there! It took about three coats to get this polish to how I like a jelly sandwich to look. 

The drying time is about average for this polish and it dries smooth too boot! I didn't see any glitter bits sticking up and poking me as I wore this polish over the last four days or so. Once it did start chipping though is when I would get it caught in my hair, and at that point it just all peeled off in sheets anyway.

But considering the job I have where I am constantly using my fingers and banging them against a keyboard I can't say I don't blame the polish for chipping.

I really love this polish overall and would most certainly wear it over and over again because each time you don't know what array of glitter you will get!

Until tomorrow!
<3 Nicole.