Monday, December 16, 2013

Sinful Colors: Cool Gray.

Good morning guys!

Hope you all are having a wonderful morning! For those of us who are finishing up the fall semester at school, good luck to you all on finals!!! Today is my last day of the semester too but I don't have any finals. I just have to give a speech in my Business Communications class. I am the worst public speaker. This would be the third speech for this class and every time my heart feels like it it going to leap from my chest!

Anyway wish me luck on it and lets jump into today's post!

Today I have for you a polish I picked up in the fall that I clearly never got to swatch for the blog but I have worn and its kind of a favorite of mine. I remember my Wal-Mart had a huge middle of the isle display with all new and old Sinful Colors on it. Now I have had gray polishes in the past, the two that jump to mind are the Claw Polish in Phantom and China Glaze Immortal. I did a dupe post here if you want to take a look.

This polish just a straight up creme finish, which is why I love it so much. Cool Gray is the name and its is as the name says pretty cool. If you saw in my last post the Instagram shot I did of snowflake nails back last week I used Cool Gray as a base color.

The formula on this isn't thick or too thin, but you definitely need two coats to make it opaque. This is a polish I will find myself grabbing for anytime of the year. 

The photos were taken inside with a make shift light box I  made over the summer and don't have anymore because it got crushed. This also when my nails looked nice too, after the fall semester my nails took a nose dive and got really bad and I have had nubbins for the last three months. Hopefully now I can start to grow them out a little more. Although I do like having shorter nails it makes stamping easier. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will have another one for you guys soon! I'm thinking it might be a make up post with some swatches of the new Lorac Sweet Temptations Eye Shadow palettes I just got a couple weeks ago! 

Until then! 
<3 Nicole