Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello lovelies!!

I hope you all are well. I'm so sorry I haven't posted to here in almost two months. Unfortunately there really hasn't been anything to update about.

School is still going on and to be honest its been tougher than I thought. I am definitely struggling to handle everything. I have even had some regrets about going back but my family and friends in real life and on social media have reassured me it was the right step to take.

I am however glad that it is over in three weeks! After that we get about a month break before spring semester begins. I hope that during that month off I can get some serious blogging done. I miss it so much. My nails have most certainly suffered from the lack of care they used to get before life went all crazy on me! Right now they are nubbins and the polish that I am wearing which is OPI Charged Up Cherry, is severely chipped. It makes me so so sad. I have acquired plenty of new polishes and cannot wait to swatch them for you and even maybe get to do some holiday nail art.

Next semester thought that starts in January, I made my workload a little lighter, I'm not expecting to graduate on time, I had to retake a class that I took almost three years ago so that threw me off but I also realized I'm not sure I want to go all the way and get a four year degree with business, I may just see where I go when I'm done here. However with that said, I am hoping that since my work load would be lighter and I am going to be working less I can focus more on school and blogging.

What I really want to do is blogging I mean I absolutely love it. I just wish I could make it into my job, but then I would become a recluse!

Anyway when I get a chance I will upload some photos to this post of any manicures I took photos of over the last two months and anything else that is exciting.

Okay lovelies talk to you soon!

<3 Nicole