Friday, August 9, 2013

Free For All Beauty Friday: July Favorites!


So amongst the 45 Days Of Untried Challenge I have felt a need to start to get some beauty post out there.

In continuing with Free For All Beauty Fridays, today I have my July Favorites to share! I did a favorites post back in May, but skipped June because my favorites really didn't change so much.

July's Favorites are a mix of make up and some skin and body care products! Lets get started!

These favorites are in no particular order by the way!

My first favorite to show you is an eye shadow palette that I am so freaking happy I invested in. While I was watching my favorite YouTube video's Emily Eddington from EmilyNoel83 uploaded a video of high end beauty products worth trying and out of all the high end palettes out their she chose the Lorac Pro Palette.

As for me in desperate need to place a Sephora Order I decided on purchasing the palette. I have always wanted the Urban Decay Naked Palettes but I am so glad I didn't get them.

Please excuse the dirty outside of the palette, the packaging attracts dirt like crazy!

You get 16 beautiful eye shadows, eight are matte and the other eight are shimmery! You get a lot of neutral shades but some fun shades like the Garnet and deep purple shades on the bottom row.

You also get a small eye shadow primer with this palette too, so for the cost which is $42, (which to me  is a lot) you do get your money's worth. I have used this palette EVERYDAY since I got it. With that said its worth a try if you want to start a high end makeup collection, or even just invest in a few key pieces.

My next favorite is more eye shadow products, beside the Lorac Palette I have become obsessed with the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo Cream Eye Shadows. I only used to own two and they were the normal pink and skin toned shades, I believe they came from the metallic collection that Maybelline put out.

The three that I have picked for my favorites for July are pretty awesome although one is L.E. but I hope that they would put something like it in the core line.

I have found these cream shadows to be so versatile, I can definitely wear them alone or place a powder shadow on top to change it up or increase the intensity.

My two absolute favorites that I picked are Pomegranate Punk and Lavish Lavender.

This beautiful macro photo is of Pomegranate Punk, it is a gorgeous cranberry shade that goes on the eyes a little darker than in the photo. I feel its going to be one of the main colors I wear this fall when back at school.

Next is Lavish Lavender. This shade was a limited edition shade, it was released as a summer collection but I believe it hit store in the spring time. It was part of a collection that had a few duo-chrome color tattoos but none of those stood out to me.

I got this on clearance believe it or not, it was originally $8 bucks and I scored it for $3.99! I would check your local Rite Aid clearance bins to see if you can snag anything left from the collection.

Something I became slightly concerned about back in July was my skin, I noticed it was looking haggard and just overall not good. We all know nowadays that protecting and taking care of our skin is something that we should be on top of, there is nothing wrong with being preventative. I think in my case I just got lazy!

Anyway when I started making myself take care of my skin again I noticed I was out of my nighttime moisturizer. So I was going to repurchase my Simple Skin Care Vital Vitamin Night Cream, which was my go-to for a long time but I couldn't find it anywhere so I was on the hunt for a new brand.

While staring awkwardly at the skin care isle in my local Wal-Mart, I found the brand CeraVe.

I had heard about this brand but not too much. I began to read the packaging and then notice this night cream had an ingredient I was looking for; Hyaluronic Acid. Now your probably thinking, that won't acid be bad for your face? Its not what you think, its a humectant that helps the moisture in your skin and the moisturizer you just put on to keep you as hydrated as possible. I started using it right away and with in the first week I notice a big improvement in my skin.

So I went out and bought the AM version of the moisturizer as well to keep everything together so to speak.

Keeping with skin care for a little bit I have finally found a cleanser that I an use day and night and NOT dry out my skin! Every single cleanser I have tried, whether it says it won't dry out your skin or not always leaves my face tight and feeling like I have to slather on mountians of moisturizer.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser came into my life the same day that I got my new moisturizer. This cleanser is highly fragrant so if you don't like that then this may not be for you. To me it smells like strong baby powder.

I have also noticed that besides improving my skin this cleanser has helped any acne on my face. As of this post I had a small pimple on my chin and I washed with this last night and this morning and the pimple is gone! So I am most definitely in love with this!

My last skin care favorite is a body butter. When I ordered from Sephora I also got a Soap & Glory product. I got The Butter Yourself Body Butter. It smells amazing and five different types of fruit in it. I have used it every night since getting it in the mail. It keeps my skin soft and the fragrance last forever on the skin! I love using it right after I take a shower.

For $20 bucks you get 10 ounces, which doesn't sound like a lot but you do not need a ton of this to slather yourself up with.

I love Soap & Glory products I have used two shower gels from them and just keep falling in love with every other product I try. The first shower gel I had called Clean On Me lasted me a whole year!

Transitioning back into make up for the rest of this post, I have some amazing lip products to show you and a foundation!

So first up the foundation. Maybelline recently introduce a new gel stick foundation into their Fit Me line. When I first saw this at CVS I was intrigued mainly because I had never tried a stick foundation before. I purchased it at CVS for almost 9 bucks but because I had $3 in extra bucks I got it for $6 which is what I saw they sell it for in Walmart anyway.

It also clams to be shine free but using this in the summer I am never shine free, so I will have to update this when the weather cools down for the fall to see if that claim is true. For the price point you do not get a ton of product, you get just under half an ounce of product.

The one you see in photos is my back up that is brand new, the one that I have been using is almost all gone, I've had hit for a little over a month and its almost gone, that makes me sad. I guess that what you get when you use it every day!

With that said though I really like the way this foundation makes my skin look, it doesn't make it flawless but it evens out my redness and dries to a powder feeling. I think that is due to the anti-shine core that also has powder in  it.

I know it looks dark in the photo but I assure you its not that dark in real life.

Last but certainly not least in this favorites post is the lip products I have been loving!

First up are the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers, if you know about these already then you know the U.K. had them first as Apocalips and they were such a hit that we over here in the states practically demanded they be brought over for us. Rimmel made it happen for us, keeping the same packaging and all but changing the name slightly and adding on additional colors. I hunted my Walgreen's for weeks when these were first sighted in the states.

Today I bring you my two favorites Aurora and Apocalyptic.

In the photo above Aurora is the lip lacquer on the bottom and Apocalyptic is on the top. I know they look the same in color but Aurora is more orange toned and Apocalyptic is more of a hot fuchsia color.

This is what the applicator looks like, just a doe foot one that has a tiny well in it to help control the product, because a little does go a long way with this and you can apply too much and look like a clown. These feel nice on the lips and are not drying. They don't last too long on the lips if you eat or drink anything so if wearing this out to dinner be prepared to reapply.

The last and final favorite that I have is two lipsticks also from Rimmel. These are from their Moisture Renew line, this line isn't new but they have added I believe six new colors.

I got two over the course of July, a lovely nude and what I think is the lipstick version of the Show Off Lip Lacquer Apocalyptic.

The lovely nude color  I have is called Lets Get Naked. I love the name on that one it just so saucy!

The bright berry fuchsia one is called As You Want Victoria

I love the way these feel on my lips they are very moisturizing but the bright color of As You Want Victoria you have to watch because if you accidentally  wipe your mouth with out realizing it you might look like a clown.

So that is it for my July Favorites, I hope you enjoyed and maybe you will find something that you like and will give it a try!