Thursday, August 8, 2013

45 Days Of Untrieds Day 16: Cover Girl Perfect Penny.

Hey guys!!!

Once again sorry for the lack of untireds here on my part I should of been up to like day 20 by now! But quite a few awesome things have happened over the last week and they took over my life for a bit.

If you have read my last  post you know that I was talking about leaving my current job for a new one, well I officially put in my two weeks! It feels weird to say that I will be leaving as of the 18 of this month. I am beyond excited though, I love new adventures and taking the plunge with them. It was one of my New Years Resolutions this year!

Also I got re-admitted back into school as of Tuesday!!! Finding out that I am going back to school makes me so happy, I love learning and expanding my brain!

So today's untired is another Cover Girl Polish. If you have an addiction Rose Gold basically anything than you may want this polish.

Perfect Penny is the name and rose gold is its game! I think I became obsessed with rose gold jewelry, and polish and an sort of accessories when I first saw Ingrid or MissGlammorazi on YouTube show her rose gold watch from Michael Kors.

My mom asked me the other day when I showed her Perfect Penny if I had a polish just like this, one that she has worn. I told her yes but this is different. She just shook her head at me. One day she will see how different similar colored polishes are.

It almost blends in with my skin tone so when I was painting my nails I actually had a hard time seeing if I had any bald spots. It was either that or the my light was making it all weird.

Two to three coats are more than enough to make it opaque. I did notice a few streak marks when applying this polish, you know the marks you can get when a polish is metallic and you get those lines.

You can definitely compare this too Essie's Penny Talk which is another one of my untrieds I should feature here, but I feel that polish is not super metallic, its also thicker and really good for stamping.

But if you have always wanted Essie's Penny Talk which is now a polish I see all over the place, but you can't still get your hands on it then Perfect Penny might be a nice replacement or an awesome companion if you already have Penny Talk.

I got my Cover Girl Polish at my local Wal-Mart. It is a part of their core collection so it should be easy to find.

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Do you like Rose Gold Jewelry/accessories/fashion??