Saturday, August 3, 2013

45 Days Of Untrieds Day 15: China Glaze: Itty Bitty And Gritty

Good Morning!

Happy weekend to you all! Today I am sort of celebrating. I recently found out that I got a job I applied for, which means I get to leave my current job! Granted yes I have been there 8 years and some would say 'why leave?' you've already been there 8 years. I am choosing to leave because  my current job is stressful beyond belief and even though I have been their for 8 years it hasn't been the best. Its a long story so lets get on to the polish.

I am also waiting to hear from school to see if I have been readmitted, if I get my letter today you may see one or two happy tweets later today!

So for day 15 of our untrieds, (only 30 more to go!) I have the last of the China Glaze textures to show you!

This one is called Itty Bitty And Gritty. Its a coral color that you guessed it, has that popcorn texture to it.

This polish was the runniest of the three that I had purchased. My camera makes it more pink but its leans more of an orange-y coral color.

This polish takes about two coats to be opaque. I don't really have too much to say about this polish because it is almost like the other two just a different color. I don't want to sound like a broken record.

Now that I have had the full experience of all different textures such as the glittery ones to the creme ones I have to say that I like the glittery ones much more than the creme. I mean the idea is nice and all but to be honest ( and thats what I am about here ) I'm just not that impressed.

So that wraps up day 15 of the untried challenge. Stay tuned for Sunday's untried which is one of my favorite colors !

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<3 Nicole