Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth, and a quick update!

Well hello everyone!

I wanted to do a quick post to show you all I'm not gone or anything! While I was on vacation I had posted a few manicures but stopped in the middle because stupid me didn't plan enough post out!

Vacation was amazing, and very hot! I got a nice tan though in a record time of 45 minutes. We didn't do too many exciting things and four of the days were travel days anyway.  But needless to say it was amazing!

Also I am writing this post on my birthday gift to myself, a brand new Macbook Pro! Of course I will never have the money to outright buy one from the store so I am doing payment installments on it until most of it is paid off and then I'm just going to pay it off. Having a Macbook is like my dream computer I literally almost cried when I got it yesterday. Also my parents were very kind to me this birthday and got me a Canon Rebel T3i camera so I can take the best photos and videos I can. Yeah I said videos, I have said many times in the past that I want to dabble into the world of YouTube. Now that I have a pretty awesome camera that is my baby and a computer that is my second baby I'm set to dip my toes in the water that is video editing.

So to keep this post as short as possible, New posts will be starting back up as of tomorrow I have a few polishes swatched and some Fourth Of July nails to show you. I didn't take any photos of my birthday manicure because it was kind of a nightmare and I would up just putting glitter on so nothing special.

So without anything left to say, I hope you all have a happy Fourth Of July and stay safe if you are going out to see fireworks tonight, Oh and if you aren't in America then I hope you all have a happy Thursday and stay safe in whatever your adventure is today. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from my trip!

Talk to you all tomorrow! <3 Nicole
Pretty palm trees outside my aunts house! 

If you saw this on my Instagram then you know these little guys are everywhere! 

We went to this nature house that had some reptiles, and lots of sea shells and beautiful pieces of nature they have found from all over the work.