Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fingr's Set In Rhine-stone.

Good morning! Its the middle of the week! Which means I get tomorrow off and I cannot wait!

About a week or so ago I had seen on the blog-o-sphere that the company Fingr's was putting out a whole new line of nail art supplies and polishes called Heart 2 Art. I for one was really excited because to find nail art supplies where I live it is literally impossible. The Fingr's Heart 2 Art line was going to be exclusive to Wal-mart, and wouldn't you know I practically live there!!! OK so that's not necessarily a good thing but at least I get good dibs on all the new stuff that comes out there.

Anyway I had went on a trip by myself, usually my visits to Wal-Mart consist of my parents too, but I like to go by myself sometimes to just get away. Sounds great doesn't it? When I came across the display it hadn't been completely stocked yet and there were parts that were missing. But I grabbed what I thought I wanted or needed, one of them being the polish I am going to show you today.

The Fingr's polish bottles actually look like nail art striping bottles but they aren't. I had to open one in the store just to make sure. At the time I chose this polish there weren't many, like I said the display was missing stuff. I still think its missing a whole line of nail polishes. Out of the few that were there this one caught my eye.

The name is called Set in Rhine-stone. It is most certainly not a summertime nail polish. Its in the fall/winter family but to be honest if I like it I could care less if I wear it out of season. This polish is a medium-dark grey base that is sheer but very build-able with tiny silver hex glitter running through out. The name fits the polish perfectly because it does look like wet cement with tiny rhinestones in it. You know it reminds me of the Forever 21 store's floor. The black tile that has all that glitter. I seriously would love to have a floor like that in my bathroom or something.

Lets take a look at the photos.

These photos consist of three coats I believe and top coat, all photos are taken in natural light.

These polishes I believe are priced at $1.68 each, which for the amount you get isn't horrible. The brush on this isn't too bad, its your standard brush, maybe slightly wider but the elongated handle makes maneuvering a little hard.

Set In Rhine-stone is thick but also  a little sheer on the first coat but by the second to third coat you won't see your VNL.  But be warned the more coats you add the thicker it will get. If you want to get these polishes or any of the nail art supplies (which I'll cover in a later post) then head to your local Wal-Mart to see if the display is there. I would check even if your Wal-Mart, is one of the last to get new products. Mine is like that and they even had the display a few days after I read about it!

Did you get any new products from the Fingr's Heart 2 Art Line?? Tell me in the comments below!!!

Until next time <3 Nicole