Thursday, July 11, 2013

45 Days..45 Untried's. Day 1: Colormates Florida Sunset.

Hi guys!

So my very best polish friend Adrianna from Morie's Nail Art has decided that the best way for her to get back into blogging is for her to make up her own challenge. She has pulled out 45 of her untrieds and plans to feature one everyday for 45 days!

I decided to jump on the challenge wagon and join in on the fun. I certainly have 45 untrieds and definitely feel this will help me keep to blogging and stop slacking!

So for day one, my untried is Colormates Florida Sunset. Its amazing the little gems you can find at the dollar store. I want to say I acquired this polish sometime last year, I think I posted an Instagram photo of the haul I got at my local dollar tree. To say its a gem though, you will have to read on.

Colormates is definitly one of those unknown brands (to me at least) but this color is very pretty to say the least. So for a buck I think I'll keep it.

Florida Sunset is a bright almost neon pink creme. It doesn't dry matte so you know its not a true neon, but its pretty bright as you'll see in the photos.

The first coat of Florida Sunset is on the tad streaky side, if you try to go over the polish more than a few times you will also get dragging. On the second coat things were still kind of off, I think it was due to the humidity in the air but the polish seemed a little on the thick side. By the third coat things evened out a little and top coat helped even out the rest.

As much as I like this color and it didn't freak out my new camera, ( like all my other ones do.) I'm not sure if I would go through all the trouble to wear it again. I'll have to try it when either the humidity disappears, which I highly doubt or in the fall when the weather turns cooler. Or heck I might have gotten an old bottle, you know how beauty products at the dollar store are not always so fresh.

I know you can find Colormate polishes online, I think I saw some on eBay and they were relatively cheap. I didn't see any for a dollar, but three or four.

Always keep an eye out at your local dollar store if you are interested in finding Colormate polishes. Sometimes you might even find a well known brand that you thought you would never find.

So thats it for day one of 45 Days Of Untrieds, I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for tomorrows post!

Oh and don't forget to check out Adrianna's blog which is linked above.

 Did you ever find any secret beauty gems at thedollar store? Comment below!!!

<3 Nicole