Friday, July 12, 2013

45 Days of untrieds...Day 2 Salon Perfect: Gone Sailing.

Good morning! Well we have reached the weekend! Who is excited??? Not me because I have to work all weekend!

Anyway today is day two of 45, I think I am really going to like this challenge. It is definitely going to help me get through most of my untrieds although I think I may have to repeat this challenge in the future to get through ALL of them.

Today's untried is a neon polish from Salon Perfect. I don't think I have featured a Salon Perfect Polish on here before, that's interesting. This polish if you choose to go looking for it can be found with its brothers and sisters at your local Wal-Mart. I know not everyone likes Wal-Mart, but when you live in an area where you don't have access to all the 'cooler' stores then sadly Wal-Mart becomes your best friend.

The display this polish can be found on is also the display with the Neon Collision Polishes, you know the matte glitter ones.

This is my first neon teal polish. I have plenty of teal polishes but none that are neon. I'll warn you now I forgot to put top coat over the polish after I took photos of it matte so these photos are all with a matte finish.

The formula isn't the best on these neon's but you know I haven't met a neon that didn't have a problem formula in some way or another. If I am correct I had to do about three coats to achieve evenness and opacity. Since its been humid here, (and thankfully the humidity broke for a couple days starting yesterday) it hasn't been optimal polish weather.

I think this polish looks really pretty matte and if a top coat is added its going to look like the shimmery China Glaze neon's that they released last summer. If you didn't know, China Glaze and Salon Perfect are made by the same people, so if there is a color you can't find from CG you might be able to get it with Salon Perfect. That's how I got a nice bottle of Flip Flop Fantasy, but its called Flamingo Flair.

Salon Perfect Polishes will cost you about $3.98 a bottle which isn't bad at all. I hope my Wal-Mart gets in more colors so I can buy more. I need more polish like I need a hole in my head.

So that's it for day two of our untrieds challenge. Don't forget that you can go and check out my dearest polish friend Adrianna over at Morie's Nail Art, to see her untried of the day!.

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Until tomorrow! <3Nicole