Saturday, July 13, 2013

45 Days Of Untrieds. Day 3 Salon Perfect: Bermuda Baby.


Hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday! I am most certainly having a great weekend, and I will tell you all tomorrow if it is getting even better.

Today's untried is another Salon Perfect polish that I picked up at the display of the Neon Collision polishes. This beautiful polish is called Bermuda Baby, one day maybe if I am lucky I'll actually get to go there.

Anyhow this polish a wonderful blue neon polish that reminds me of the water you would see around Bermuda.

If you google Bermuda beaches you'll see how this color fits in.

The formula on this was pretty much the same as Gone Sailing.  But the humidity definitely effected the drying time. I still love, love, love this color though. its like a bright blue sky on those days where not a cloud could be found.

I did have a photo with top coat but there were so many bubble it was not blog worthy at all!

These photos were taken in (1) natural light and the second one is under the light of a lamp which I no longer have.

So thats it for today's untried. I hope you will stay with us on this journey! Don't forget to check out Adrianna's untried, and @shaylads on Instagram!

Whats your dream vacation?

<3 Nicole