Wednesday, July 31, 2013

45 Days Of Untrieds Day 14: Fresh Paint Alex's Lemonade!

Woot woot, two weeks into the challenge! I have so far really enjoyed this challenge, I like that fact that I have to have a blog post up every day. On the days where I haven't posted I have felt so horrible, I'm glad I'm finally back on track!

Today's polish is one you can only if you live on the East Coast, and live near a Five Below. Back in the middle to end of June I went to my local Five Below and wanted to get some nice bright pastel creme finish polishes. Today's polish is one of them.

If you follow me on Instagram, (and thank you if you do!) I uploaded a photo of today's polish with a black and white glitter topping it off.

The polish I am talking about is Alex's Lemonade, its made by the company Fresh Paint which is I believe is related to the mainstream nail polish company we know called Color Club.

I love this color and I definitely represents 'lemonade' to me. Its a pale yellow color but is a lot lighter than the other pale yellow I own.

With the first coat you can expect some streaky-ness but I used about three coats and one coat of top coat to even it all out. It is a thick kind of creme polish so you can have some unevenness but top coat can even it out. 

What I love most about this polish is that its scented! Yup, it is supposed to smell like lemonade but its hard to mask the smell of nail polish with some scents. I definitely can smell a sweet lemon drop scent when applying this polish and I can smell is lightly after top coat has been applied. 

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What Five Below polishes do you own?