Tuesday, July 30, 2013

45 Days of Untrieds Day 13: Cover Girl: My Papaya

Good Morning!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! I spent mine doing laundry, trying to renew the registration on my car but the DMV's computers were down so we have to go back today. Then I had to call Geico because some person is or was trying to use my email on their policy, so I had to call them to remove since I don't obviously want these emails. But I decided to just eventually delete the account since it might of been a bad part on Yahoo as well possibly giving the same username to someone.

Anyway on to today's untried. I have a few Cover Girl Polishes that I have tried on here, last Halloween I think I showed you all Wine Stain, which also so happens to show up in my stats as most searched.

Today's Cover Girl Polish I have is called My Papaya! It caught my eye a while ago while wandering around the make up section at good ole Walmart.

My Papaya is a orange-coral that has a shimmer too it. I picked it not because I love the color coral but because its bright and fun and I think I'm auto-programmed to pick those colors first.

This polish takes about the usual 2-3 coats to be opaque. The formula is really nice, a little runny but nothing you can't fix with a clean up brush and some acetone!

The only thing I would change about this polish is the shimmer. You can clearly see it in the bottle but once on the nail it disappears. Its sad because it is really pretty.

If you want to pick up a Cover Girl Polish you can find them usually where ever they have Cover Girl Cosmetics. It may not be huge display but I'm sure you can find them!

Don't forget to check out Adrianna's untireds, she is kicking some butt in this challenge, and check out Shaylads on Instagram, she just had her appendix out so she is recovering go and give her some love while she is healing.

Do you like cosmetic companies putting out nail polish or should they just stick to make up?