Monday, July 29, 2013

45 Days Of Untrieds Day 12: China Glaze Of Coarse!


So for today's untried I am continuing with the texture trend by showing you the next China Glaze creme texture polish I have. Its called Of Coarse, its a bright blue, a color that if it wasn't a texture I would definitely still wear! I kind of wish China Glaze Had this color as a creme. If they do let me know in the comments.

If you wanted to you could get away with one coat. I used two for all my photos.

I love this color its bright and its fun, in a weird way it reminds me the concrete around a public pool, you know how most of them have that popcorn texture and how most of the lettering is a blue color.

I think its important to let each coat dry before you add the next. I noticed on my middle finger part of my finger didn't 'texture' right because I may have brushed on the two coats too quickly.

One thing I was worried about with this polish was wether it would stain my nails and cuticles. I did notice during my clean up around my cuticles there was a little bit of staining that I couldn't get off. As for actual nail plate staining, I didn't really leave it on long enough to tell, and I did have a pretty decent base coat of Nail Envy on too. When I took this off I did notice if it got under my nail it stained the underside a little while trying to remove it.

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What are your favorite bright colors to wear around the pool?

<3 Nicole