Sunday, July 14, 2013

45 Days of Untireds, Day 4 Julie G: Hot Cinnamon.

Good morning! Hows everyone's weekend going? Today is work night number 3 for me. I don't mind working at night but back to back to back sure can drive you nuts!

So today's untried is probably one of my ultimate favorite textured polishes. Textured polishes are kind of all the rage ever since OPI released their Liquid Sand.

Jesse's Girl and Julie G. teamed up to help Julie create her own texture polishes called Frosted Gumdrops. I have featured two of them already on here but I have two more that I haven't tried yet. Today's is called Hot Cinnamon.

Hot Cinnamon is a bright red sparkly full of glittery goodness polish. It reminds me of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from the Wizard Of Oz. If they were matte of course.

You can even see the little bit of golden shimmer that is in the bottle. I wish it transferred to the nail more, but even in the bottle its still pretty to look at.

Two to three coats brings it to perfect opacity. I think this is the perfect color to wear on my toes for the summer! I swear every single Julie G polish I have tried I have been in love with so I apologize if I get repetitive.

I think I said these with the other two Frosted Gumdrop polishes I have featured, but the removal process of these are super easy. No scrubbing of the nail required. I hope that more nail polish companies come out with glitter polishes that remove as easily as the textured ones do.

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Out of all the textured polishes out there which are your favorites?? 

 <3 Nicole