Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Leopard Nails. Rawr!

Hi guys!

Hope you all are well as always!

I don't usually do a ton a free hand nail art. If you saw Monday's post you know that, that nail art has been by far my best and favorite. The reason why I don't usually do free hand nail art is because I'm not really to good at it. In the beginning when I started blogging and doing nail art I was loving it and learning everyday and then I fell out of doing it so I've lost some skill, but I am slowly bringing it back to the surface and I hope more free hand nail art is in my future!

Back almost two week ago I was getting ready to see my bestest of friends in the world. She was going to pick me up for a dinner date and some girl time. I suddenly felt the need to gussy myself up in the 85 degree weather we were having. So as I did a whole face of make up and tried not to sweat it all off as I put it on, I decided I needed to do my nails as well and I wanted something bright and fun.

I originally was going to stamp some pretty little images on my nails but the stamper didn't feel like picking up the image so I was stuck. What to do? Then I thought why not free hand some leopard spots. I have seen it done loads of times from tons of my blogger friends, I practically had the tutorial burned into my brain. So I went to work.

I started out with a base color on all my nails except my ring finger and thumb of Fresh Paint (which is sold at Five Below) in Coconut. Coconut is a creamy off white color that is opaque in two coats, but the best thing about it, is that it has a peachy undertone to it so it doesn't look stark on your hands, its blends with my skin tone nicely. On my ring and thumb fingers I painted two coats of Sally Hansen Coral Reef,  how come I have only just bought this color, I will never know. It is such a pretty bright corally pink.

Once my bases were dry I went to work on the spots. I took a toothpick and snipped off the end and filed it down to make a homemade dotting tool since mine had disappeared for the time being. I dipped it into Coconut and went about placing not too many random dots on my ring and thumb finger. Once that was done I took a fresh tooth pick and didn't snip the end off it and dipped it into some Wet 'n' Wild Black Crème polish and outlined my dots with some 'C' shapes and added a few tiny black dots to give it more dimension.

As you can see the second picture is of the famous "claw hand" so you can see my thumb.

All these photos were taken in natural light with no flash and yes there is a top coat on my nails. Coconut looks like it has more of a yellow undertone in the photos but I assure you in real life its more peachy. I am actually really proud of my nails here since it was the first time in months doing free hand. I got a few compliments on these nails and don't let the photo fool you these are nice and bright for the summer time.

If you want to get a hold of the Fresh Paint Polishes they are available at Five Below usually for 3/$5 or two bucks a piece I think. When I got Coconut they had quite a few bright pastel crèmes out, two of which will be on the blog later I am sure. You can get a hold of the Sally Hansen color Coral Reef wherever your Sally Hansen Polishes are sold. I got mine at Wal-Mart for I think $1.99.

I hope you enjoyed this nail art! What are some bright polishes or nail art you will be sporting this summer???

<3 Nicole