Monday, April 22, 2013

L.A. Girl 3D Effect Teal Dimension

Hello lovely readers!

So we are back to Monday, how blah. I'm kind of glad I work in retail only for this one point I am going to make, I enjoy having days off during the week. I think if I had a Monday through Friday job that I didn't like (like retail) I would go nuts. I'm not saying I love being a part time associate but I do love getting three days off every so often.

Today I bring you one of the new L.A. Girl 3D Effects! I purchased this at Rite Aid as soon as I heard they were out. I love the color teal, its just one of those colors that for polish next to pinks and purples I am drawn to buy. Although I don't have many teals in my collection, I think every time I see one I just think I have three at home, unless its absolutely unique then I don't need it.

Well this was definitely a unique polish, I don't have a teal scattered holographic polish!

Application of Teal Dimension was nice two coats and its opaque. These L.A. Girl polishes like the Milani 3D holographic's have a jelly type formula which I like but some of the darker jelly polishes in this collection are a biotch to clean up! These don't stain or anything but if you miss a spot during clean up and then take your photos you will notice it when editing.

I love the sparkle that this polish has! I wish I had gotten better pictures in the sun, but it didn't want to cooperate that day! I feel like this is polish I am definitely going to rock on my toes this summer when I hit the beach in Florida in June or if I go to the lake with friends back home here in NY. I know it will definitely distract my niece, she is getting to that age now ( 7 months) that she is noticing things on the person who is holding her. The other day she couldn't stop touching my watch! I think between her mom's love for makeup, hair and hockey and my love for makeup and nails she is going to be  girly girl who wields a hockey stick!

So if you want to get your hands on this pretty polish then they should be available at Rite Aid or Online! I paid $3.99 for mine. These sold like hot cakes too because when I went back to Rite Aid to look for new stuff the display was and still is practically empty!

So I hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time! <3 Nicole