Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essie Peach Daiquiri

*Purchased by me*

Hello!!! *waves frantically*

Happy middle of the week! Don't we all love it, it means the toughest part is over and yet only a few more days until weekend freedom! I'm excited because after today I hopefully get to see my best friend/sister, I haven't seen her or my niece in almost two weeks. Usually we get together at least once a week but with all the craziness going on between our families it just didn't come together.

Anywho on today's polish post! One brand I have said I don't have many of is Essie, I think my grand total is a whole six. I know for someone who is an addict you would think I have more than that of Essie. Every once in a while I see a color Essie has out and it just calls to me or I find it on sale at TJ Maxx (which reminds me I need to go there soon). The latest color to jump out at me was Peach Daiquiri.

Peach Daiquiri is not the color you think it is. It is definitely not a peach color. To describe the color it is more of a strawberry coral color. So when applying it to the nail you'll notice it is more on the red toned pink side of the color spectrum.

I absolutely love this color, I plan on wearing this a lot over the course of the summer months, I'm definitely putting on my list of what colors I want to wear on my toes when I go on vacation to Florida  in a about a month and a half. Actually its about 48 days away!

So enough gabbing here is the pictures!

In these pictures I have two coats on plus a top coat. Application was really nice, a little streaky on the first coat but I encounter that a lot so it doesn't bother me so much and doesn't really become a factor in deciding whether I like a crème polish or not. I did notice that if you have any trace of dirt under your nails it can be visible through the polish. I did have a bit of chipping but I chuck that up to my job and probably me not wrapping my tips in top coat like I should.

So if your looking for a nice bright Essie color Peach Daiquiri might be right for you. Essie is available at most drugstores and Wal-Mart etc. I paid $7.75 for mine at my local Wal-Mart but remember as always prices may vary depending on where you live and what store you purchase your Essie polishes from.

Until next time!
<3 Nicole