Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!!! And Happy Second Blogaversary!

Hey guys!

The last two weeks have been pure hell for me and I apologize for not posting. I have all these photos ready and just no energy to sit in front of the computer.

First off I have to say Happy Second Blogaversary to my tiny little blog! Back on Monday was our special little day! I can't believe that I have had this blog for two years and actually kept up with it! I know I always say that when I hit a landmark, but its true.

I totally didn't even realize that the blogaversary had passed until last night when I was staring at the computer. I really want to get serious with this blog and do so much more with it. I want to thank all of you who come by and read the blog or follow me on Twitter even though I'm not always active on there, or liking my photos on Instagram or even on Facebook, I just checked it the other day and saw I'm almost up to 30 likes! I also want to thank all of the friends I have come to know through the nail polish community, I am so glad to be apart of such an amazing community. So THANK YOU!!

So trying to explain my two weeks of hell could be a post all in itself but I will try to give you the shortest version possible! Two weeks ago my dad came home for a visit from taking care of his dad who was in hospice. The day my dad got home we got a call saying that my grandfather wasn't doing well at all, he wasn't responsive just unconscious and not eating. The next day my grandfather got a little better and opened his eyes but wouldn't eat still, later on the hospice place told my dad that my grandfather was fading and he probably wasn't going to live much longer. My grandfather was 86, my dad left the next morning to go be with his dad and brothers and sister, and that night my grandfather passed away. I wasn't particularly close with my grandfather so it didn't effect me as much as my dad but I felt so much pain for my dad. He had spent 90% of the last two years taking care of his dad, and only getting to visit me and my mom once a month.

After my grandfather died my dad had to take care of all the arrangements, and it really stressed him out. The day of my grandfathers funeral my dad didn't look well according to my uncle and the next day my dad went to the emergency room because he couldn't breathe and was having minor chest pain. It is always so scary when a parent or any family member goes into the hospital, especially my dad since he has always been in and out of the hospital for stuff since I can remember.

We later found out that my dad had a teeny tiny heart attack, one that really wouldn't even register on the EKG machine. The hospital on Long Island where my dad was ( me and my mom were 4 hours away upstate) decided to keep him overnight for some testing, last Monday we found out my dad was going to have to have surgery. Bypass surgery, not something I wanted to hear or could take for that matter, my mom and I were just broken by it. But as we learned it wasn't something that just came on it was from my dad not taking care of himself all these years. After a weeks worth of more tests and trying to get my dad a little bit healthier for the surgery ( he has diabetes like me and his sugar was off the wall) they did the surgery on this past Monday the 18th. They wound up doing a triple bypass on my dad, and I have to thank anyone in my life or on twitter who said they would keep my dad in their prayers, I thank you so much. So dad surgery went well and he is healing up just fine, I actually go to talk to him today and he sounds amazing! I can't wait for him to recover fully which will be about three weeks from now and he can come home for good.

That about sums up the last two weeks of my life and how hellish it was, but I wouldn't have gotten through it without my bestie and sister Stephanie, I was literally at her house almost every other day because I just couldn't sit home. She is the most wonderful person in the world.

Ok so now that I have gotten that out of the way... on to more fun ideas.

 I have decided to start posting some makeup related post on here as well, I think I might put them on Fridays and call it Free For All Beauty Friday's, so that way I can post whatever beauty related product I want to talk about. I've always loved makeup and alongside my nail polish stash my makeup stash has grown to, not as much as a true makeup junkie but enough to make me check out the whole beauty section of whatever store I am in just in case. This sudden peak in my small makeup addiction has put nail polish buying on hold which is weird but I haven't bought much polish in the last few months. Also I have looked into Cosmetology school, I originally wanted to go for nails but I don't think it would be for me, I don't support the use of acrylic nails and such. I did find out however that the school I am looking into now has a Makeup Artistry Certification section! Stephanie and I have I believe decided to apply and get certified to do makeup professionally! I am so excited about it! So that is why I want to start adding in some beauty post, I did a few way back in the beginning but I don't think I knew what I was doing then really, I've learnt so much over the last two years I want to give it a go again! So stay on the look out for that!

Ok so I promise that after this post goes live that there will be another post right behind it that is nail related and spring oriented!

And just for getting through this entire post I give you a picture of a cute kitty cat! My peanut Scooter!


Thanks so much for reading my rant and for following along on my journey's here on the blog! I hope that we will be around for a long time.

<3 Nicole