Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recreating one of my favorite nail arts!


So I hope if you live in the northeast your are done digging out from Nemo! We didn't get nearly as much as they said we were supposed to which was good, but what we did get was more than enough! I am SO ready for spring!

Today I bring another manicure that you can most definitely wear for Valentines Day on Thursday!

One of my favorite nail bloggers has to be The Nailasaurus! Sammy is an amazing nail art artist! I always see all her nail art on her Instagram and then go over to her blog to check out how she did it!

When I saw this nail art she did, I know I had seen it before and I think it actually goes along with a song but for me it was just something different for Valentines day!

On Sammy's version she painted her nails red and did the nail art with white. For my version I used Hard Candy Sky as a base color and Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby to create the design.

Here are the photos of my recreation! Here is a link to Sammy's Original post!

This was a lot of fun to do and to pay homage to one of my favorite bloggers! Of course when you see Sam's Original post hers is just simply perfect. I do have to say though this challenged me on keeping my hand steady with my nail art brushes! I can't wait to see another design that challenges me like this did. The actual heart on my middle finger was the easiest thing to do, the little heart bleeps where the toughest. You couldn't go too far down or to far up and you had to really picture a heart monitor. Repeating these steps on my right hand was even harder as it always is, but it wasn't terrible which is surprising for me!

I hope you guys like this post and I have two more valentines day inspired post for you!

Oh and if Sammy the Nailasaurus happens to see this... I just want you to know that you are an amazing blogger and nail art artist and hope one day that I can get my nail art anywhere near as good as yours! <3