Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the Swatch Vault Hard Candy Sky.

Good afternoon polish friends! Hope you all are well!

Today I have a post for you that was sitting in a folder on my USB drive that I took FOREVER ago and never posted here. I think I never posted it here because I wasn't happy with the outcome of the photos but I'm going to show you anyway since the brand this polish is, is being discontinued!

 How sad is that???

If you remember when The Hard Candy Cosmetic Company launched at Wal-Mart sometime ago, they put out a line of polishes with it. It took me forever to buy any of them, and I don't think it was the price point. They retail for $5 each and my Wal-Mart had maybe six different colors to choose from.

The first time I bought one of the Hard Candy polishes, it turned out to be their matte top coat called Mattely In Love. Mattely In Love was the first drugstore/affordable matte top coat I found, considering Essie at the time was $8 and NY Color hadn't released theirs yet.

Later on I wound up purchasing Splendid a bright yellow crème that is not the best by any means and what I am showing you today, Sky.

Sky is a lovely sky blue with hidden blue shimmer that's a tad bit darker. From what I can remember about the formula it takes about three coats to reach opacity and its very thin and watery too. It will definitely flood your cuticles if not careful.

*All photos taken in natural light, three coats and a top coat.

Now here comes the sad news. While reading the drugstore beauty blogs, I found out that Hard Candy is discontinuing quite a few products, including the Just Nails line. So the polish I am showing above will eventually no longer be available. Hopefully though Hard Candy will be putting out a new line of polish and maybe a color similar or better, we can all cross our perfectly manicured hands!

So if your Wal-Mart sells Hard Candy and you have never purchased any of their polishes I would go an take a look because there are a few gems out there.

Do you already own any Hard Candy Polishes?

Nicole. <3