Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adoro Blue Magnetic

Happy January 2nd!!

I hope you all had a fabulous time ringing in the New Year! I stayed at home with my mom and just chilled out and ate some good food. It would of been a little bit better had we not had to deal with my grandfather falling down in the early morning at his nursing home and cracking his head open and giving himself a Subdural Hematoma. Yeah it was a very stressful day not knowing how bad it actually was, but all is good and god kept watch over him and now he is stable :)

What a way to start out the new year huh?

Anywho, I have a nifty new polish to show you all today! This polish is also from the swap that I did with Adri back at Christmas time. She had seen on my wish list that I wanted a blue magnetic polish and so she sent me one from a brand that is exclusive to Costa Rica called Adoro. I have five other polishes by this brand that Adri sent me I believe in the beginning of 2012.

I know magnetic polishes have sort of come and gone and some brands are just jumping on the band wagon like Revlon, Essie, and Sinful Colors just to name a few. I was more than excited to see how a polish from outside the U.S, would hold up.

Lets take a look...

This Adoro Blue Magnetic doesn't have an actual name, usually just a number under the company's name. This blue is a medium-dark  metallic color that is just super pretty. I would wear this on its own with out doing any magnetic effect to it.

Application is pretty good, one coat does cover the nail but we all know its best to do one coat of a magnetic polish, let it dry and then do a quick second coat nail by nail and bam stick the magnet over top for the placement of the design. Your other option is to do one thick coat and work quickly from nail to nail.

Lets talk about the magnet that is provided. The magnet is in the top of the nail polish like most other brands. However like most brands the magnet is circular; Adoro's is square with rounded corners. This means if your nail beds are a little wider than average you can still get an awesome design.  There is a sticker on top of the magnet that showcases the design, the design that came with this one kind of reminds me of a mesh fence. The one thing I would of like to see with the Adoro brand that we only saw with some of the U.S. brands is that there is that special lip to rest on your cuticle so you don't hit the polish. I also notice the magnet fell out easily if the polish was hit hard enough.

Time to take a look at the photos:
*All photos taken with no flash under indoor lighting.

As you can see by the designs on my nails I didn't use the magnet that came with the polish, only on my pinkie finger. For some reason only if I took the magnet out of the top and help it as close as I could to my nail would I get the design. The other three designs on my fingers was a magnet that came with my Pretty Woman Cosmetics. As you can see though the magnetic pull is freakin' awesome! I did not have to hold the magnet over my nail for long at all to get the design to pull through! Score!

All in all I really, really like this polish, out of all the magnetic polish I own this one seems to be right up there with the Pretty Woman Polishes! I can't wait to wear this one again and see how my co-workers and friends react!

Talk to you all very soon!