Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple Holiday manicure number 2 Dots!

So I have a feeling this years holiday manicures theme is going to be simple for me. Last year I did all my nail art on fake nails so when it comes time to do my own nails its a huge fail!

Seriously though I wanted this post to be a super cool holiday manicure that was candy came themed. I had it all planned in my head like any nail blogger would and then trying to execute it was a no go.

My original idea was to have some awesomely striped nails in the traditional red and white and so I got out my supplies and went to work. I tested it out on my pinkie nail, then moved to the others and realized I can't do consistent stripes! It bugged me much. My mom of course who is half friend and half nemesis when it comes to the type of nails I wear said it was cute... Yeah no.

So then I thought why not do dots but in stripes and maybe it will be a new type of candy cane nail. So repainting my nails for the umpteenth time I went to work with my dotting tool and came up with what you will see below.

I used China Glaze Cranberry Splash as my base color, it is by far my go to red this year. Then I used Pure Ice Superstar for my dots.

I only did the dots on the opposite corners of my nails so they kind of are candy cane-esque maybe not your decision but they are very sweet for a holiday party. It kind of reminds me of a few snowflakes on a holly berry or even cranberrys? Who knows take a look at the photos below and tell me what you think!

Until next time!