Friday, December 21, 2012

Semi-Successful and yet to me Disasticures.

Wow! What a slacker I have become! I haven't posted a holiday manicure since the beginning of the month!!!

I was planning on posting a lot more but every time I sat down to do a manicure it would come out horrible and literally as I have heard my amazing nail blogger friends call a disasticure!!

I tried to do candy cane nails several times only to be disappointed in my stripe work. I can't draw lines free hand with polish for the life of me and at times this was even with a striper!

So in today's post I want to show you two manicures I did and how I felt they were disasticures. I feel I was way to quick with them, patience is not my forte.

First up we have Santa's coat. I saw on Facebook from China Gazes Official page some awesomely cute Christmas nail art and wanted to recreate some.

So I started out with my favorite red. Yeah you know the one... 100 points to the first person to name it!

                                                                          * * *
Ok s you guessed it China Glaze Cranberry Splash. I bought a back up of this color because it is that amazing!

Then I took some new nail art brushes that I got at Walmart and painted a black stripe across the nail for Santa's Belt. Once that was dry I took Sally Hansen Golden-I and made the belt buckle. I also added China Glaze Winter Holly on my ring finger and did some holly berries in the corner.
Now my friends loved it, thought it was cute and good. Me I could see the unevenness and where I missed spots and it just irked me. Needless to say I took it off a day or so later.

My next attempt for something Christmassy was candy canes with my new brushes....... Yeah no, it didn't work. The only nail that came out well was my pinkie. I tried every way, freehand, tape nothing made it look nice. I never took pictures of that manicure.

The next manicure was a semi success and I did like it but because of the nail art supplies I used and combined with my job it wouldn't last long.

It started out with me receiving a Christmas swap package from Adri from Mories Nail Art! She is truly an amazing friend and sent me my first Klean Colors and some awesome L.A. Girl polishes I never got my hands on! I also sent her a package but it hasn't reached her yet! Hopefully soon! If it doesn't get there Ill cry!

Anyway for this manicure I kept my pinkies as candy canes since they came out the best and painted the rest of my nails with Klean Color Winter wonderland! Winter wonderland is a beautiful sliver shimmer polish that is packed with small silver, red, and blue glitter. It really does make you think of snow and all the holidays and things that go with it.

It took about three coats to get opaque. Once it dried it painted tiny Christmas trees on my middle fingers with last years China Glaze Jolly Holly and amazing evergreen polish that is opaque in one coat. Once that dried I took some of the nail art supplies that Adri sent me in our swap packages , I got a pack of six mini glass jars of clear rhinestones, black rhinestones, two jars of fish egg supplies and these nifty tear drop-flower petal glitter. I used the blue tear drop glitter to decorate the trees and a clear rhinestone as the star. On my thumbs I dotted three red dots for holly berries and used the green tear drop glitters and the leaves. Once it all dried and was adhered I put on my top coat and was on my way.

I have to say I did actually like this last manicure. It wasn't too bad. For me working with nail art supplies like the tear drop sequins or rhinestones is new and i definitely need to learn to be a little neater with it. Although the manicure I'm rocking now I love and you will see that in tomorrows post!!

Until then!