Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stop Flirting and Where's my Chauffeur???

Hello and happy Sunday!!

I apologize for not having a post for yesterday, my usual schedule of posting every other day has been going pretty well until Saturday morning when I went to put the post together. The polish I had swatched/wore was a beauty. It was one of the new Pure Ice Polishes that are exclusive to Walmart and limited edition. I won't go in to much detail about it since I plan on re-swatching it and posting it eventually. I thought the photos came out well but when I pulled them up on the computer they looked horrid. In the end I had to trash those pics and start from scratch.

So that's where today's manicure came from. It took me all day to decide what to put on Saturday and I decided I wanted some glitz but not all out in your face glitz.

I started out with my base coat of course. Besides using the matte top coat I also did a layer of Orly Bonder before hand because my nails were fraying a little and I always noticed Bonder seemed to help with that.

After my base was dried, I applied one of my newest untireds, Essie's Where's My Chauffeur?. This is from the Essie Winter Collection and you can find it wherever Essie Polishes are sold, it was the only one that stood out to me, the other colors are ones that either I have from a different brand or just not me.

Count 'em 3 coats to make WMC opaque. The formula is nice, easy to handle, the only thing I noticed was brush drag if I didn't let each coat dry completely. The color of this polish can be compared to China Glaze Aquadellic although I feel WMC is a little more dustier, which I think Jen from the Polishaholic has swatches up on her blog.

OK now for now for the glitz! In the new Pure Ice Polishes, there are two glitters I purchased that seem to resemble the OPI Muppet's Polishes. The one I added on for the sparkle is called Stop Flirting it is a blue glitter with larger silver hex glitter mixed it. I believe the OPI polish it resembles is Gone Gonzo. I don't own that polish so I cant do a side by side comparison.

Stop Flirting is actually a smooth glitter, I added three coats to my ring finger over WMC  and even with out top coat it was smooth. That is a huge plus in my book!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the next one soon.
<3 Nicole