Friday, November 16, 2012

Pure Ice Draped

Hello!! Happy Saturday!

Wow long time no post! I know it's only been like 4 days but that's a long time for me since I've been really good about posting!

Today I bring you one of the Pure Ice Polishes that are now available at Walmart! They retail for about $1.97! So affordable !

They have tons of new shades and lots of glitters! If you are glitter addict like me then I suggest you grab them while you can because they are limited edition (well all the shades are limited edition). I have 8 so far and still want a few more, not all the shades are for me but I would like to have one from each category they offer.

Draped is from the velour colors they have out, yes that's right matte colors! To explain the color of draped is a very lovely raspberry color that leans more magenta/pink then red.

In the bottle it looks super sparkley and just an amazing color, and even though these are meant to be velour colors the addition of a top coat brings the sparkle to life!

Three coats are well enough for capacity but you could probably use two if they were thicker. Dry time is normal nothing special. I myself always have a problem wearing matte colors, doesn't matter what base coat I use they always chip, I don't think I'm alone in that area though.

In my photos are three coats and no top coat for the last photo and the first is a crappy photo with top coat.

Remeber also that matte polishes are not very forgiving if you have any rough spots on your nails so it might be helpful to wear a ridge filling base coat for undies.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and Ill talk to you all soon.
<3 Nicole