Thursday, November 8, 2012

Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polish in Hi-Res.


Happy Thursday!

 In the beginning of the year I when I really started by polish regularly and had the chance to go to stores that I normally don't have access to and I picked up my first holographic polishes. Two were from Color Club, and the rest were Milani! So today's holographic goodness is from Milani, if you didn't get that from the title.

Hi-Res is the name and I like how these polishes have that tech savvy name to them. I featured the Milani Pink Holographic polish on here sometime in the very beginning of the year and for St. Patricks day I showed you the Green Milani Holographic polish.

I like to describe these polishes as jelly-ish holographic. You seriously need about four to almost five coats to achieve opacity. I tried pairing a similar color underneath these and it seems to take away the holo effect which is weird,.

Whether having to apply four coats to me its worth it. Once again these are not linear holographic polishes like the new Color Club Halo Hues Collection, which I have still yet to obtain or the Layla Holos, I can't justify a $15 dollar polish no matter how cool it looks, these are scattered holographic polishes that sometimes have a slight linear look to them.

I am going to be putting seven pictures in this post so please excuse the picture spam!

Application like I said is tricky, the fact that they are almost jelly like in consistency it really neat and definitely adds to the 3D effect but I would rather just have to apply two coats of thicker creme-ier polish and get the same effect.

The scattered holo effect is sadly lost in a couple of these polishes, which I will be posting soon. I will say the Silver one is the worst, four coats and I could still see my nail line.

I would definitely describe the color of this as a delicate lavender/lilac. It really is a spring time color, but for me its one of those work appropriate colors. No one noticed the pretty sparkle, so I guess if corporate were ever to come and visit and shake my hand its good to know this polish won't get me fired or something. To be honest my job doesn't have a problem with the front end wearing nail polish, its only if you work in the food prep area's like the deli that you can't.

These polishes are not cheap, they are most certainly at the high end of the drugstore spectrum, as most Milani Cosmetics are. Its because they are good, I have read a lot of reviews on Milani products and Milani seems to have hits with lots of things. I purchased this polish at CVS for $5.99 each.

I hope you enjoyed this post.! Stay tuned for more. I just got some of the Pure Ice polishes that are new and I can't wait to show you!

<3 Nicole