Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loreal Paris! Rainy Piccadilly!

Good morning!

For those of us on the east coast I'm sure many are preparing for the Nor'easter that is headed our way! Here in upstate we are expecting rain and maybe that dreaded 'S' word!

Today's polish is then very fitting for the type of weather we are about to receive, it is another Loreal Paris polish from their British collection. It is called (and this is one of my favorite names) Rainy Piccadilly!

For those who are not familiar with Piccadilly Square it is sort of Like New York's Time Square.

This polish is a stunning dusty navy blue creme. It is pretty much how we would picture a rainy day in a bottle.

I was originally on the fence about this polish. I didn't initially want to get this polish since I am not a huge fan of dark blue polishes. As soon as I saw it in real life I thought I had to try it, I thought maybe it would be close to Sinful Color's Rainstorm but it isn't its darker and dusty-er. Rainstorm which will be on the blog eventually is more dirty looking if that's even possible.

The formula on Rainy Piccadilly is okay, standard for a creme polish. I know I probably sound like a broken record right now saying that the first coat was streaky. It was beyond streaky, very patchy and it created a lot of bald spots. I seriously considered taking it off because I thought it was going to be too difficult to work with. Upon the third coat it seemed to even it self out and become opaque.

Clean up was the usual, the bits of my cuticles that touched the polish did have slight staining, if I had taken more time with my old angled brush I use to clean up with I could have probably gotten rid of it. My worst fear though was that this polish was going to stain my nails! I kept thinking back to a story my bestie told me when she tried Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen, and how it stained her nails and she even used a white polish underneath. By now I was regretting not putting undies on my nails!

I wore this polish for three days straight, and no major problems until of course I was at work on Saturday morning and a chipped my middle finger on my photographing hand and now have a nub. :(
Since Saturday was so busy I did see a lot of tip wear but the first two days were pretty good.

Now I've been trying a different type of base coat when apply my polishes lately, Alaina over at The Little Canvas tweeted that she had been using a matte top coat as a base coat and her polishes haven't been chipping. Now I had been using Orly Bonder every single time and my polish  has chipped but not as bad as it was before I used Bonder, but still I would love to make it through one night of work without any chips. So I decided to try it, I used my NY Color matte top coat and it worked amazing!

I definitely recommend it if you are having trouble with chipping, and the best thing is, is that NY Color Matte top coat only about two bucks! Talk about affordable!

So when it came time to remove Rainy Piccadilly I prayed to the nail gods that my fingers nails would not be blue. Here is where I think maybe the base coat had a hand in it, my nails came out clean as a whistle. So after all that worrying, I had no need to be.

I think if you are a lover of blue polish and lovely creme finish than maybe Rainy Piccadilly is a polish that should join your polish family!

Talk to you all soon! Nicole