Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dollar Store Finds: Colormates: Little Blue Box.

Good Morning!

Today I am bringing you another Dollar Store find! I'm so glad that I keep checking my local Dollar Tree for nail polish, seriously every couple of weeks there are either older Sally Hansen's or a random brand that I have never heard of but so far each polish I have gotten there works out well. Plus the fact that my wallet isn't screaming at me is pretty good too!

The polish I have is called Little Blue Box, and its from a collection called Colormates, by a company called Diamond Cosmetics. Now I went and looked up Diamond Cosmetics and found their website and saw that the colors I purchased are not available on their site anymore. So once again we find ourselves in the land of discontinued polishes, which is not technically a bad thing!

My Dollar Tree had quite a few colors, mostly shimmers and cremes, and a few nail art polishes as well, I picked up three of those. I purchased a Teal color that has some shimmer to it, a gold glitter that is named 14K and a Tangerine color.

However pushing our focus to Little Blue Box (which I'm abbreviating to LBB for the post) is as you may have guessed it by the name it is indeed a reference to Tiffany's. Now we know that China Glaze has For Audrey, but whether they are dupes I won't know since I stupidly don't own it.

I can compare it to my Tiffany's box that I have had since I was 16 years old and my aunt gave me a beautiful necklace from their. I have to say its pretty close! I feel maybe because my box is almost 10 years old that it could have a little discoloration and the nail polish is a little lighter, but either way its the same color by a few shades.

LBB's formula is okay, not anything spectacular by any means. First coat was a little streaky but I think that had to do with how much polish I had on the brush. The pictures above are three coats and no top coat. This is definitely going to be a nice creme to do some stamping over or some sort of nail art!

So that its for this post! Stay tuned for the next one!
<3 Nicole