Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pure Ice Superstar. My go-to white polish!

Hello! Happy Thursday! I hope you all are well!

Today I am going to show you my go-to white polish! This is the polish I use as my base for all my gradients, attempts at watermarbles, some stamping and just to have as a good clean canvas!

I have tried many white polishes since becoming addicted to nail polish, my very first white polish I tried was Sally Hansen Insta Dry Polish in Whirlwind White. I had purchased it based on a YouTuber that I religiously watch and she had said it was her favorite white so I decided to give it a try. For the most part it is a great white polish. I'm not a fan of the brushes, but that's another debate or blog post in its entirety. By the time I got down to the last 1/3 of the bottle the polish began to get goopy and thick and just not usable anymore. Plus at that time I had no idea to go out and purchase polish thinner and make it like brand new.

The second white polish that I have tried is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Polish in White on. White on is another great white creme polish but is a tad streaky, especially if you didn't have enough on the brush to cover your whole nail in a couple of swipes. I don't know if it was maybe the batch of polishes or if they were just really old sitting on the shelf but I felt White on got more goopy even when the bottle was almost full .

The third white polish I purchased was yet another Sally Hansen polish that was from the Hard As Nails Collection, and I can't remember the name of. This was the worst white polish by far that I ever purchased. To talk about streaky was an understatement, it took like four coats to be opaque and even then it wasn't really even and dry time was horrendous. Once again I was in search of a new white polish.

Now I could of purchased Sinful Colors Snow Me White, but no one around me had it in stock at the time, but then I saw that Pure Ice, which is typically sold at Walmart had a creme white polish called Superstar. I decided to try it, for a little over a dollar it was totally worth to give it a shot, Sometimes the cheapest polishes can be the best.

Boy did I find a winner with Superstar! If you are careful you can make this a one coater, other wise two coats is perfect. I have actually purchased two bottles of this so far, and my first bottle isn't even gone yet! My first bottle is down to the last third and its not even goopy or thick!

Here are a few swatch photos of Superstar!

Clean up with Superstar can be either good or bad. Usually I can get my cuticles clean and nice, sometimes it just doesn't happen. For my pick for favorite white polish Pure Ice Superstar is the winner!

Have a great Thursday guys!
<3 Nicole