Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Splatter Manicure Inspired By Chalkboard Nails!

Hello!!! It is Wednesday, offically one week until Halloween! I cannot believe how fast this fall season is going! I don't want it to end!

Today I bring you a manicure that I did, inspired by Sarah of  Chalkboard Nails! She posted a black and orange splatter manicure a little while back and I fell in love with it! I haven't attempted a splatter manicure since last Halloween and at that time I was so very new to nail art. I tried to accomplish that splatter with a paint brush; I tapped the end of it to try to get it to splatter. Needless to say I only accomplished one hand before I gave up!

The lovely Sarah accomplished her splatter by using a straw and dipping it into polish and giving one good puff of air through the straw and a fair distance to achieve the best splatter.

So to recreate her splatter I used three coats of New York Color's Time Square, Tangerine Creme for my base. It is litterally the best Jack o Latern colored polish around! Three coats is great for opacity, Time Square is one of those squishy creme polishes that I probably could do a jelly sandwich with!

Then taking a drinking straw, I dipped it into black polish. I of course used Wet 'n' Wild's Black Creme Polish. Once I had the polish dipped in I had a hard time of deciding how far to pull back to shoot the splatter out on to the nail!

As you can see I got a little over zelous with my ring finger on my left hand. I had the distance between my nail and the straw to short and a little too much polish in the straw. I feel my thumb came out nice and my right hand which is the last picture came out the best, since by then I had gotten a handle on things.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for my Halloween inspired post throughout the week up unil Halloween!

Unil next time <3 Nicole