Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Nail Art:

So its one day until Halloween and I am here to bring you another nail art that is simple enough to do if you have any last minute costumes to do or a party to go to. Bear in mind I hope that you all are safe here on the east coast from Hurricane Sandy and her awful wrath. If you are going out for Halloween tomorrow night or tonight for a party just be safe!

So toady's nail art is sort of, well I thought it was gory, my mother described it as 'cute'. She is always the first one to see what I paint on my nails, whenever I sit at the kitchen table she always says, "painting them again?" and I go "yup".

So when thinking of what I wanted to do, I first thought that I would recreate another awesome nail tutorial by Goldiestarling, she has these awesome little vampire nails on her YouTube page and they are as easy as the Frankenstein ones. So I went to work recreating them and wound up hating them! They looked horrid to me, so I took them off and tried something different, pumpkin nails... and yet another fail! So now going on the third try, its gotta be a charm right? I decided to on blood drip nails. I know they have been done before, but I have never done them.

All you are going to need for this nail art is a blood red polish, if you have a vampy jelly polish even better.

The first polish that popped in my head was my new Cover Girl Polish, its red and vampy and jelly! I would of used Velvet Bow from China Glaze but I love that polish too much to use it for nail art!

Taking a small dollop of it on some news paper and my large end of my dotting tool I went to work, I first covered my visible nail line kind of like a messy french manicure. Second I dipped the large end of the dotting tool in the polish and starting from the middle of my nail I placed a drop and dragged it back to my tip of my nail. Do this two, three, or four times (if your nail bed is big enough) and at varying lengths.

You can see that I wasn't very good with the "varying lengths" part, mine are uniform except my pinkie finger. I think this would be great if you are going to be a zombie, it looks like you just dug in to some flesh!

Just top it off with a top coat and you should be good to go for the night! Until next time! <3 Nicole