Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghostly Nails


Hope you all are having a safe and awesome Halloween!

So as you know the east coast got devastated by Hurricane Sandy, up here in the Hudson Valley we were spared, not a lot of rain but it was pretty windy. My dad however who is on Long Island where my grandfather is was in the brunt of the storm. As of Monday night he had texted to say he was without power and would call us in the morning. Sadly there is very limited cell service right now as it went out with the power, we have had a few calls from him since then and he is fine. It worries me because he is my dad and I miss him. He has no way to get home right now since the train service is suspended until the fix everything which could take some time, and he maybe without power for 7-10 days. I know he wants to come home soon so I'm praying that the train service gets restored soon and he can come home.

Anyway on to today's post! Ghosties for Halloween!

If you have a last minute party to go to and have no idea what to do with your nails here is a quick little idea.

First off you want to paint your nails with a black polish.After you base coat your nails of course!  I used a little mini black polish from L.A. Girls. Let that dry completely!

Then with your dotting tool and a white polish make your ghosties! Let them dry. Then if you want as an optional step, you can go over the white polish with a glow in the dark polish and then let that dry as well.

Finally dot on black eyes and a mouth and once your design is completely dry, seal it in with your favorite top coat!

So here are my ghouls! And the last photo  is of them in the dark! I love how they glow! I was so surprised that my camera actually picked it up and I didn't need a special light or something!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed that! Can't wait until December to do Christmas Nail art! Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

<3 Nicole